Iberian languages

Iberian languages is a generic term for the languages currently or formerly spoken in the Iberian Peninsula.

Historic languagesEdit

Pre-Roman languagesEdit

Pre-Roman languages of Iberia circa 300 BC

The following languages were spoken in the Iberian Peninsula before the Roman occupation and the spread of the Latin language.

Medieval languagesEdit

The following languages were spoken in the Iberian Peninsula in medieval times, following the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Modern languagesEdit

The following indigenous languages are currently spoken in the Iberian Peninsula.

By linguistic groupEdit

Languages of the Iberian Peninsula (simplified).

By countryEdit

Usage of co-official languages in SpainEdit

Map of co-official languages in Spain
Speakers of official languages in the Spanish autonomous communities
(as a % of each region's population)
Autonomous community Co-official languages Co-official language speakers
Balearic Islands (2011)[4] Catalan 71.5%
Basque Country (2011)[5] Basque 32.0%
Catalonia (2011)[4] Catalan 80.9%
Galicia (2007)[6] Galician 89.3%
Navarre (2011)[5] Basque 11.7%
Valencian Community (2011)[4] Valencian (Catalan) 58.4%
Asturias[7] Asturian language 42.0%

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