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  • Is (rune) (ᛁ), a rune of the Anglo-Saxon fuþorc


  • Island (Is.), any piece of land surrounded by water
  • Iceland (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code)
  • Israel (NATO country code)
  • Hīt, or Is, an Iraqi town on the Euphrates River
  • Ys or Is, a mythical city of Brittany
  • Iași County, Romania, (vehicle registration code)
  • Inverness TMD, a railway traction maintenance depot (depot code)
  • Province of Isernia, Italy (vehicle registration code)

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  • .is, the Internet country-code top-level domain for Iceland
  • Information science, the study of data collection, manipulation, and dissemination
  • Information systems, organizations of data-processing persons, records, and activities
  • InstallShield, a software tool for creating software installers for Microsoft Windows
  • IntelliStar, a computer system used to display local forecasts on The Weather Channel

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  • Implementation shortfall, difference between decision price and implementation price in finance
  • Internal security, the work of keeping domestic peace by a national force
  • International studies, alternative term for International relations, the study of politics, economics and law on a global level
  • International studies, specific university degrees and courses which are concerned with politics, economics and law on a global level
  • Is, in is-ought philosophy, a fact or empirical state with finite limits in space and time

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