Hundred of Wallaroo

The Hundred of Wallaroo is a cadastral unit of hundred located on the Copper Coast of South Australia.[1] It is one of the 16 hundreds of the County of Daly.[2] It was named in 1862 by Governor Dominick Daly[1] after the indigenous term wadla warru presumed to mean wallaby urine.[1]

South Australia
Wallaroo Town 1874.png
1874 boundaries of Wallaroo Town shown on an excerpt of an 1888 map of the hundred
Wallaroo is located in South Australia
Coordinates33°59′42″S 138°39′07″E / 33.995°S 138.652°E / -33.995; 138.652Coordinates: 33°59′42″S 138°39′07″E / 33.995°S 138.652°E / -33.995; 138.652
Established12 June 1862
Area320 km2 (124 sq mi)
LGA(s)Copper Coast
RegionYorke Peninsula
Lands administrative divisions around Wallaroo:
Spencer Gulf Tickera Tickera
Spencer Gulf Wallaroo Kadina
Spencer Gulf Tiparra Tiparra


Map of the hundred in 1912

The most densely populated town and localities of the Copper Coast council are situated inside (or largely inside) the bounds of the Hundred of Wallaroo:

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