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Humanitarian response by for-profit organisations to the 2010 Haiti earthquake

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This article describes humanitarian responses from "for-profit" organizations, such as business corporations, following the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti.




In coordination with the Kenya Red Cross, Kenya Airways—the country's largest airline and flag carrier—raised money for earthquake relief efforts by collecting donations on local and international flights.[1]



  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Israel which is the world's largest generic drug manufacturer, donated over $7 million worth of medication.[2]


  • Daiichi Sankyo, a major international drug manufacturer based in Japan, donated pharmaceutical products worth approximately US$1,600,000. The company also gave approximately US$54,000 to the Japanese Red Cross, and US$50,000 to the American Red Cross, to support their humanitarian responses.[3]
  • Several Japan-based automobile manufacturers made monetary donations. Nissan gave a donation exceeding US$100,000,[4] while Toyota gave a half million dollars (US$500,000).[5]
  • Tokyo-based Canon, the multinational manufacturer of imaging and optical products, contributedUS$220,000.[6]


  • ARY Digital Network, a subsidiary of the Dubai-based holding group The ARY Group, pledged a cash donation of over US$100,000. The Network also provided over US$100,000 worth of water, medical supplies, and other necessary goods, while sending a relief team composed of doctors, social workers, and reporters to affected areas.[7][8][9]




  • Finnish communications multinational Nokia contributed US$200,000.[11]


  • Several days after the earthquake, Deutsche Bank announced that it would donate 100 percent of net US agency equity trading commissions on January 15 to the humanitarian cause. The initiative raised approximately US$4,000,000.[12]
  • Deutsche Post DHL sent one of its Disaster Response Teams, which are deployed free of charge, at the request of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), to airports in disaster-affected areas to assist with the logistics of coordinating relief supplies. Following the earthquake, OCHA deployed a Disaster Response Team to help manage the large influx of relief supplies by supporting key logistical efforts like warehousing and inventory, and managing incoming supplies effectively in order to prevent bottlenecking at the airport and ensure that badly needed medical and other relief supplies would keep moving.[13]


Various Dutch organizations raised money for the Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties (Giro 555), a cooperative effort of aid organizations:

  • Radio 538, Radio 2, 3FM, Q-Music, SLAM!FM and Radio Veronica broadcast a joint special from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm on January 22, under the name Radio 555. Discovery Network Europe also participated in raising funds for Giro 555, by placing a ticker requesting donations on top of their regular broadcasts on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.
  • Following the radio special, the Dutch public television station Nederland 1, and various commercial stations (RTL4, SBS6, and TMF) broadcast a joint evening special under the name "Nederland helpt Haïti" (The Netherlands helps Haiti). By day's end, the joint specials had raised over €41 million. This sum was doubled by the Dutch government, raising the total to over €83.4 million (US$118 million). Later, another €18.6 million was raised, bringing the total Dutch contribution to €100.6 million (US$140 million).[14]
  • On January 22, an extended-length episode of Jeugdjournaal was broadcast on all public and commercial cable networks aimed at younger audiences, such as the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.
  • The Dutch retail and pharmacy chain Kruitvat donated US$141.000.[15]
  • Customers of ING, an international financial institution of Dutch origin, donated US$596,926. Immediately after the earthquake, the company itself contributed €30,000 from the ING Group Disaster Relief Fund to the Red Cross to provide emergency items, such as blankets, water containers and cooking equipment.[16] Immediately after the earthquake, the company itself contributed €30,000 from the ING Group Disaster Relief Fund to the Red Cross, to provide emergency items—including blankets, water containers, and cooking equipment.[17]
  • Unilever, a British-Dutch multinational corporation which owns a number of global food and home product brands, donated US$500.000.[18]
  • Deloitte, the world's largest private professional services organization, contributed US$42,428.[19]
  • TNT NV, an international express and mail delivery company headquartered in the Netherlands, participated in sending an Emergency Response Team. As part of an ongoing collaboration with the World Food Programme, TNT partnered with UPS and Agility to send a "logistics emergency team" to assist the WFP in coordinating relief supplies and disaster response efforts.[20]



  • Novartis contributed 2.5 million dollars in emergency aid.[22]

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  • Setar Aruba, a telecommunications company, donated money raised customers who text the word "Haiti" to their call line, producing about $3 per text.[29]
  • Digicel Aruba, a telecommunications company, donated $100,000 to a relief fund, and is also donating 100 percent of proceeds from all customers who text the word "Help" to a call line that has been set up for the relief effort.[29]
  • MetaCorp, an Aruba-based holding company, donated about $28,000 to Red Cross relief efforts.[29]
  • Burger King in Aruba donated roughly $3,000.[29]
  • De Schakel College, a private school on the island, was organizing fund raising activities and collecting clothing and supplies.[29]



  • The Jamaican telecommunications company Digicel, which is a major mobile phone provider in Haiti, pledged US$5 million to support aid agencies and to help repair the damaged phone network.[55]

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Triples play during the "Hit for Haiti" charity event held prior to the 2010 Australian Open


  • Fiji Water donated 136,000 litres (30,000 imp gal; 36,000 US gal) of bottled water.[121]


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