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The SVB Eerste Divisie is the highest football championship for clubs run by the Surinaamse Voetbal Bond. The Topklasse is at the top of the system of Surinamese football championships. The league currently comprises twelve teams and operates a system of promotion and relegation. Seasons run from November to June of the next year, with teams playing 30 games in the regular season. The league was known as the Hoofdklasse but became Topklasse beginning with the 2016–17 season, and then from the 2017–18 season forward, the Eerste Divisie.

Eerste Divisie
Founded1924; 95 years ago
First season1924-25
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toSVB Tweede Divisie
Domestic cup(s)Beker van Suriname
Suriname President's Cup
International cup(s)CFU Club Championship
CONCACAF Champions League
Current championsSV Robinhood
Most championshipsRobinhood (25 titles)
Current: 2023

The competition was founded in 1924, when Suriname was still a Dutch colony.


At the beginning of the 20th century the NGVB (Guyaneesche Dutch Football Association) was founded. The rival Suriname Football Association was founded on October 1, 1920. There had long been animosity between the two unions, but the opening of the stadium by M. de la Fuente a reconciliation was brought about between the unions. The first club formed by the SVB, which still occupies an important place within the Surinamese top flight, was Voorwaarts. This club recently celebrated its 90th anniversary (August 1, 2009). On January 15, 1921, Transvaal was established. Before the SVB was founded, there was already another association with the same name. It was founded in 1914. With the creation of the current SVB came a newfound momentum in the development of Surinamese football. In 2016 the Hoofdklasse was formed into Topklassse. To develop a professional league in Suriname and to get the Surinamese people to support the league and national selection, the SVB signed a deal with Telecommunications Company of Suriname Telesur on 30 September 2016. In this deal Telesur's daughter company ATV has received the rights to broadcast all Surinamese matches live. ATV will also establish a program that will provide viewers with soccer news to keep them up to date with the SVB and the football in Suriname.

Members for 2020–21Edit

City Position
in 2015–16
First season in
the Hoofdklasse
Seasons in the
titles 1
Last Hoofdklasse
Botopasi Paramaribo 0066th 2014–15 3 0 -
SNL Paramaribo 007Promoted - - 3 1998-99
Inter Moengotapoe Moengo 0011st 1997–98 19 10 2018–19
Jong Rambaan Lelydorp 003Promoted 2016–2017 1 0 -
Leo Victor Paramaribo 0043th 1988–89 29 5 1992–93
Nishan 42 Meerzorg 0094th 2015–16 2 0 -
Notch Moengo 0109th 2011–12 6 0 -
Robinhood Paramaribo 0057th 1949–50 67 23 2011–12
PVV Paramaribo 008Promoted - - 0 -
Transvaal Paramaribo 0052nd 1923–24 94 19 1999–00
Voorwaarts Paramaribo 003Promoted 1923–24 - 6 2001–02
Walking Boyz Company Paramaribo 0035th 2002–03 15 3 2008–09

Past ChampionsEdit

Source for list of champions: RSSSF[1]

Number of titlesEdit

Club #
Robinhood 25
Transvaal 19
Inter Moengotapoe 10
Voorwaarts 6
Leo Victor 5
Cicerone 4
Ajax, SNL (incl. MVV) , Walking Boyz Company 3
Arsenal, Olympia 2
Excelsior, FCS Nacional 1


The following is a current list of stadiums in the SVB Topklasse;

Stadium Image Club(s) Location Capacity Ref.
André Kamperveen Stadion   Robinhood
Paramaribo 7,000 [2]
Eddy Blackman Stadion Image Kamal Dewaker
Takdier Boys
Livorno 2,000 [3]
Dr. Ir. Franklin Essed Stadion Leo Victor
Paramaribo 3,500 Stadion[4]
Ronnie Brunswijkstadion Image Inter Moengotapoe Moengo 3,000 [5]
Voorwaartsveld Voorwaarts Paramaribo 1,500 [3]
J. Eliazer Stadion Boskamp Groningen 1,000 [3]
Nacionello Stadion Nacional Deva Boys Houttuin 1,500

Top scorersEdit

Season Goalscorer Club Goals
2001-02   Clifton Sandvliet SNL 27
2002-03   Gordon Kinsaini SV Robinhood 18
  Mario Maasie SV Leo Victor
2004-05   Cleven Wanabo Royal '95 24
2005-06   Clifton Sandvliet WBC 27
2006-07   Alex Soares Jai Hanuman 28
2007-08   Ifenildo Vlijter SV Robinhood 17
2008-09   Anthony Abraham SV Leo Victor 22
2009-10   Amaktie Maasie 12
2010-11   Amaktie Massie 19
2011-12   Ulrich Reding 20
  Giovanni Waal SV Leo Victor
2012-13   Galgyto Talea SV Notch 18
2013-14   Gregory Rigters WBC 16
2014-15   Gregory Rigters WBC 20
2015-16   Romeo Kastiel Inter Moengotapoe 18
2016-17   Ivanildo Rozenblad SV Robinhood 21
2017-18   Ivanildo Rozenblad SV Robinhood 22
2018-19   Renzo Akrosie SNL 33
2022   Garvey Kwelling PVV 11

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