Eddy Blackman Stadion

Eddy Blackman Stadion is a multi-purpose stadium in Livorno, Suriname. It is home to SVB Hoofdklasse club SCSV Takdier Boys and SVB Eerste Klasse outfits, SV Jai Hanuman and SCSV Kamal Dewaker.[1]

Eddy Blackman Stadion
LocationLivorno, Suriname
Coordinates5°46′29″N 55°10′21″W / 5.77472°N 55.17250°W / 5.77472; -55.17250
OwnerCity and District of Paramaribo
OperatorLivorno Sport Organisatie
ArchitectBadrinath Durga
Takdier Boys
Jai Hanuman
Kamal Dewaker

The stadium was built by Badrinath Durga, who has been committed to the social development of Livorno for many years.


The Eddy Blackman Stadium is located in the Northwest of Livorno on the Botromankiweg right off of the Martin Luther Kingweg, just south of the capital city Paramaribo.[2]


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