Livorno, Suriname

Livorno is a resort in Suriname, located in the Paramaribo District. Its population at the 2012 census was 8,209.[1]

Livorno, Suriname
Plantation Prosperité (~1893)
Plantation Prosperité (~1893)
Resorts in Paramaribo, Suriname - 20061227.png
Map showing the resorts of Paramaribo District.
Country Suriname
DistrictParamaribo District
 • Total9 km2 (3 sq mi)
 • Total8,209
 • Density910/km2 (2,400/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (AST)

The resort consists of the neighbourhoods Livorno and Bethesda.[2] Livorno is a former sugar plantation founded in 1819 by F. Cassali from Livorno, Italy.[3] Bethesda was the location of a leper colony which had been at that location between 1933,[4] and 1962.[5] Livorno is close to the harbour, and home to small industry.[2]


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Coordinates: 5°47′N 55°11′W / 5.783°N 55.183°W / 5.783; -55.183