General Hong Yun-seong (Korean홍윤성; Hanja洪允成; 1425–7 October 1475) was a Korean Joseon Dynasty politician and soldier.[1] He was a member of the court of King Sejo,[2] First and Second Vice Prime minister (also called Left and Right State Councillor, respectively) from 1467 to 1469, and Prime Minister (also called Chief State Councillor) from August 1469 to April 1470 .

Hong Yun-seong
Chief State Councillor
In office
27 September 1469 – 6 May 1470
Preceded byHan Myeong-hoe
Succeeded byYun Ja-un
Left State Councillor
In office
23 March 1469 – 6 May 1470
Preceded byKim Jil
Succeeded byYun Ja-un
Right State Councillor
In office
21 June 1467 – 17 October 1467
Preceded byChoe Hang
Succeeded byGang Sun
Personal details
Died7 October 1475(1475-10-07) (aged 49–50)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationHong Yunseong
McCune–ReischauerHong Yunsŏng

His birth name was Useong (우성, 禹成), his pennames were Yeonghae (영해, 領海), Gyeonghae (경해, 傾海), and Gyeongeumdang (경음당, 鯨飮堂), and his Chinese style name was Suong (수옹 守翁).

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