Help:Guided tours

A step in a tour showing new users how to edit for the first time

Guided tours are interactive tours of a part of Wikipedia. They are meant to complement help pages, by showing users directly how to do something in a step-by-step way. The software framework for guided tours is provided by the MediaWiki extension GuidedTour; as of October 2015, the release status of this extension is "beta", which means "stable but not fully tested". You may therefore encounter some bugs.

If you want to see what this feature looks like, you can try a simple test tour. For more information, see also the documentation.

If you'd like to create a tour, see the write an on-wiki tour instructions. You'll need to be an administrator or get help from one, as the code for on-wiki tours (as opposed to the built-in test and GettingStarted tours) lives in the MediaWiki namespace.

The tours in the GettingStarted extension assist users with making edits related to a task (such as a copy-editing fix).

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