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This article is about a defunct political party. For the antisemitic stereotype, see Jewish Bolshevism.

The Hebrew Communists (Hebrew: קומוניסטים עברים‎, Komunistim Ivrim) were a short-lived political party in Mandate Palestine and Israel. The Hebrew Communists were founded in 1945 by some former members of the Palestine Communist Party (PCP), which had split in 1943. The party operated until after Israeli independence in 1948, at which point it merged with the National Liberation League and MAKEI to form Maki.

Hebrew Communists

קומוניסטים עברים
LeaderEliezer Preminger (1949)
Founded1945, re-established in 1949
Dissolved1948, 1949
Split fromPalestine Communist Party (1945)
Maki (1949)
Merged intoMaki (1948)
Mapam (1949)
Political positionFar-left
Most MKs1 (1949)
Fewest MKs1 (1949)

The party was resurrected during the first Knesset when several of Maki's leaders, including Knesset member Eliezer Preminger, were purged soon after the elections in 1949. Rather than vacate his seat for another Maki member, Preminger remained in the Knesset and reformed the Hebrew Communists on 8 June 1949. The party ceased to exist for a second time on 15 August 1949 when Preminger joined Mapam.

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