Haut-Rhin's 3rd constituency

The 3rd constituency of the Haut-Rhin is a French legislative constituency in the Haut-Rhin département.

3rd constituency of the Haut-Rhin
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French National Assembly
Haut-Rhin's 3rd Constituency shown within Alsace.
 Jean-Luc Reitzer
CantonsAltkirch, Dannemarie, Ferrette, Hirsingue, Huningue.
Registered voters83,583


Haut-Rhin's 3rd Constituency covers the southern portion of the département centred on the town of Altkirch however the largest town by far with the constituency is Saint-Louis, which lies close to Basel on the border with Switzerland. The constituency includes the area historically known as Sundgau. The constituency has elected Gaullist candidates for its entire history within the Fifth Republic.

The constituency has been held by Jean-Luc Reitzer since 1988 and he was elected on the first round of voting at 2012 Election.

Historic RepresentationEdit

Election Member Party
1958 Joseph Perrin UDR
1967 Alphonse Jenn UDR
1973 Pierre Weisenhorn UDR/RPR
1986 Proportional representation – no election by constituency
1988 Jean-Luc Reitzer RPR
2002 UMP
2015 LR

Election resultsEdit


Legislative Election 2012: Haut-Rhin 3rd 1st Round
Party Candidate Votes % ±
UMP Jean-Luc Reitzer 25,010 54.80
FN Stéphanie Faesch 6,109 13.39
MEI Antonie Waechter 4,802 10.52
LV Max Demond 4,230 9.27
DVD Alain Koegler 1.861 4.08
FG Geneviève Enggasser 1,793 3.93
Jean-Luc Koch 863 1.89
NC Alexandra Delaunay-Hartemann 739 1.62
LO Géraud Ferry 231 0.51
Turnout 46,309 55.40
UMP hold Swing