Union of the Right and Centre

The Union of the Right and Centre (French: Union de la droite et du centre; UDC) is a term used in France to designate an electoral alliance between the parties of the right and of the centre.

Union of the Right and Centre
Union de la droite et du centre
LeaderChristian Jacob (LR)
FounderCharles de Gaulle
Founded1967 (1967)
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right
Member parties (2022)
Colours    Blue
165 / 348
National Assembly
68 / 577
European Parliament
8 / 79
Presidencies of Regional Councils
6 / 17
Presidency of Departmental Councils
57 / 94

Throughout the Fifth Republic, the Gaullist party allied itself with smaller right and centre political formations in order to obtain a majority in the National Assembly or for local elections. Between 2002 and 2012, almost all of this movement was united in the Union for a Popular Movement which then defined itself as the "party of the right and of the center".

The term is subsequently used for the lists and candidacies presented by The Republicans party and its centrist allies (Union of Democrats and Independents and The Centrists).

With a view to the legislative elections of June 2022, the president of LR Christian Jacob unveiled during a National Congress organized on May 7, 2022, an agreement providing for mutual withdrawals between the three formations, including 457 candidates invested by LR, 59 by the UDI, 26 by LC and one by Liberties and Territories.[1][2]

Chronology of the different alliancesEdit

Alliance Member parties Elections
Union of the Republicans of Progress Union of Democrats for the Republic (UDR) 1967 legislative election
1968 legislative election
1973 legislative election
National Federation of the Independent Republicans (FNRI)
Centre Democracy and Progress (CDP)
Union for the New Majority (1981)[3]
Union of the Opposition for Renewal (1984–1986)
Union of Rally and Center (1988)
Union UDF-RPR (1989)[5]
Union for France (1990–1995)[6]
Rally for the Republic (RPR) 1981 legislative election
1984 European Parliament election
1986 legislative election
1986 regional elections
1988 legislative election
1989 European Parliament election
1992 regional elections
1993 legislative election
1994 European Parliament election
Union for French Democracy (UDF)
Republican Party
Centre of Social Democrats
Radical Party
Social Democratic Party
National Centre of Independents and Peasants (CNIP)
Union RPR-UDF Rally for the Republic (RPR) 1997 legislative election
1998 regional elections
Union for French Democracy (UDF)
Liberal Democracy
Democratic Force
Radical Party
Popular Party for French Democracy
The Alliance (1998–1999)[7] Rally for the Republic (RPR) 1999 European Parliament election
New UDF until February 1999
Radical Part
Popular Party for French Democracy
Liberal Democracy (DL)
Union for the Presidential Majority[8] Rally for the Republic (RPR) 2002 legislative election
Liberal Democracy (DL)
une majorité des élus UDF
Radical Party (RAD)
Popular Party for French Democracy (PPDF)
Forum of Social Republicans (FRS)
Liaison Committee for the Presidential Majority[9] Union for a Popular Movement (UMP)
Radical Party
Democratic Convention
Christian Democratic Party
Le Chêne
Les Progressistes
2007 legislative election
2009 European Parliament election
2010 regional elections
New Centre (NC)
Modern Left (LGM)
Movement for France (MPF) from 2010
Hunting, Fishing, Nature and Traditions (CPNT) from 2010
Union of the Right and Centre[10] The Republicans (LR) 2015 regional elections
2017 presidential election
2017 legislative election
2019 European Parliament election (without UDI)
2021 regional elections
2022 presidential election
Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI)
Democratic European Force
Clubs Perspectives and Realities
Radical Party until 2017
Centrist Alliance until 2017
Modern Left inactive since 2017
The Centrists (LC) member of the UDI until 2017
Rurality Movement (LMR) until 2021
Democratic Movement (MoDem) until 2017
Christian Democratic Party (PCD) until 2019
Union of the Right and Centre The Republicans (LR) 2022 legislative election
Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI)
The Centrists (LC)
Oser la France


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