Harrat Khaybar

Ḥarrat Khaybar (Arabic: حَرَّة خَيْبَر‎) is a volcanic field located north of Medina in the Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. It covers approximately 12,000 km2. The most recent eruption occurred between 600 and 700 CE.

Harrat Khaybar حرة خيبر
Harrat Khaybar Space.jpg
Harrat Khaybar seen from the International Space Station (North to the right of the picture)
Highest point
Elevation2,093 m (6,867 ft)
Coordinates25°43′10″N 39°56′34″E / 25.71944°N 39.94278°E / 25.71944; 39.94278Coordinates: 25°43′10″N 39°56′34″E / 25.71944°N 39.94278°E / 25.71944; 39.94278
Harrat Khaybar حرة خيبر is located in Saudi Arabia
Harrat Khaybar حرة خيبر
Harrat Khaybar حرة خيبر
Mountain typeVolcanic field
Last eruption650 CE ± 50 years

Researchers using satellite imagery have discovered evidence of man-made structures (for example, 25°40′38″N 39°57′52″E / 25.67722°N 39.96444°E / 25.67722; 39.96444) which may date from 7,000 years ago or earlier in the lava fields.[1]

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