Halych land (Polish: ziemia halicka, Ukrainian: Галицька земля) was an historical administrative region (Polish: ziemia) of the Kingdom of Poland which existed from 1349 during the reign of king Casimir III the Great. Its legal system was based on Magdeburg rights, civil law from the 15th century was based on the Statutes of Casimir the Great and the judicial province was Lesser Poland. Its capital city was the urban centre of Halych (Polish: Halicz). From 1434-1772 Halych land was one of five regions of the Ruthenian Voivodeship in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland until the First Partition of Poland.

Halych Land
Ziemia Halicka
Галицька Земля
Land of Kingdom of Poland
Flag of Halych Land (ziemia)
• Established
• Creation of Ruthenian Voivodeship
• Disestablished
Political subdivisions3 Powiats
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria
Crowned jackdaw coat-of-arms of the historical region of Halych land
Flag of Halych land at the Battle of Grunwald 1410

Administrative division


Halych land was divided into three Powiats (counties)


Royal castellans (starostwo grodowe) were in Halych and Terebovlia. Each county (powiat) also elected two deputies to the Polish Crown Tribunal and the Crown Tax Tribunal. The castellan of Halych was responsible for calling the assembly of all the Galicia nobility of Halych land near Halych. The local parliament assembly (Polish: sejmik) were first held in Sudova Vyshnia (Polish: Sądowa Wisznia) and from 1564 it was located in Halych.

There was also subordinate district royal administrative officials starostas (starostwo niegrodowe) located at:


According to the royal inspection carried out in 1677, there were 38 towns and 565 villages in the region of Halych land.




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