Haiti I Am Sorry

"Haiti I am Sorry", or simply "Haiti", is a calypso song written and composed by David Rudder, and first recorded in 1988 for the album Haiti by David Rudder and Charlie's Roots. The song, which begins with the words: "Toussaint was a mighty man/ and to make matters worse he was black...",[1] is a tribute to the glory and suffering of Haiti, and was described in the AllMusic review as "a remarkable ode to Caribbean unity".[2][3]

"Haiti I am Sorry"
Song by David Rudder
from the album Haiti
GenreCalypso, reggae, soca
LabelSire, Lypsoland, London
Songwriter(s)David Rudder
Producer(s)Joe R. Brown, Charlie's Roots




The song has been credited with having in 1988 "brought impoverished Creole-speaking Haiti to the attention of the English-speaking Caribbean",[4] and is frequently referenced in connection with ongoing political and environmental problems in Haiti.[5][6][7][8] It was selected by Margaret Busby as one her eight musical choices on Desert Island Discs in June 2021.[9]

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