Guy III, Count of Saint-Pol

Guy III of Châtillon, Count of Saint-Pol (died 1289) was a French nobleman, and was a younger son of Hugh I, Count of Blois, and Mary, Countess of Blois.[1]

Count of Saint-Pol
Blason Blois-Châtillon.svg
Coat of arms of the Counts of Blois-Châtillon
Noble familyChâtillon
(m. 1255; died 1288)
FatherHugh I, Count of Blois
MotherMary, Countess of Blois

While his elder brother John I of Châtillon succeeded to their mother's County of Blois, Guy was given their father's county of Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise at his death in 1248.

On January 16, 1255, he married Matilda of Brabant, Countess of Artois,[2] daughter of Henry II, Duke of Brabant and Marie of Hohenstaufen, and thereafter was a supporter of his brother-in-law Henry III against Guelders. They had:

He joined the Eighth Crusade (1270) and the ill-fated Crusade of Aragón of Philip III of France.


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Guy III, Count of Saint-Pol
 Died: 1289
Preceded by Count of Saint Pol
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