Hugh II, Count of Blois

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Hugh II of Châtillon (died 1307), son of Guy III, Count of Saint-Pol, and Matilda of Brabant, was count of St Pol 1289–1292 and Count of Blois 1292–1307.[1]

Hugh II
Count of Blois
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Second from right.
Noble familyChâtillon
Spouse(s)Beatrix of Dampierre (m. c. 1287)
FatherGuy III, Count of Saint-Pol
MotherMatilda of Brabant
Seal (sugullum) of Hugh II of Chatillion, count of Blois and lord of Avesn: S[IGILLUM] HUGONIS DE CASTELLIONE COMITIS BLESENSIS ET D[OMI]NI DE AVESNIS

He married c. 1287 Beatrix of Dampierre, daughter of Guy of Flanders and Isabelle of Luxembourg.[2] They had two children:


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