Guy IV, Count of Saint-Pol

Guy IV of Châtillon, Count of Saint Pol (c. 1254 – 6 April 1317) was a French nobleman. He was the son of Guy III, Count of Saint-Pol and Matilda of Brabant.

Guy IV of Châtillon
Count of Saint-Pol
Bornc. 1254
Died(1317-04-06)6 April 1317
Noble familyChâtillon
Spouse(s)Marie of Brittany
FatherGuy III, Count of Saint-Pol
MotherMatilda of Brabant

In 1292, he married Marie of Brittany,[1] daughter of John II, Duke of Brittany and Beatrice of England. They had eight children:

He held the office of Grand Butler of France.

He was placed in joint command (with Robert VI of Auvergne) of one of the two reserve "battles" of the French troops at the Battle of the Golden Spurs, where the French army was led by his elder half-brother Robert II, Count of Artois. He was able to escape when the French were routed by the Flemings, but his brother Jacques, elder half-brother Robert, and many of his relatives were killed.[5]


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