Green Party (Turkey)

Green Party (Turkish: Yeşiller Partisi also Yeşiller for short) is a green liberal party in Turkey founded in 2020.[1] The Interior Ministry blocked the party from standing in the 2023 elections.[2][3][4][5]

Green Party
Yeşiller Partisi
LeaderEmine Özkan (female spokesperson)
Koray Doğan Urbarlı (male spokesperson)
Founded21 September 2020 (2020-09-21)
Split fromGreen Left Party
IdeologyGreen liberalism
Green politics
LGBT rights
Political positionCentre-left
Colours  Green
Slogan«Our house is on fire! We will put out this fire!»
(Turkish: «Evimiz yanıyor! Bu yangını söndüreceğiz!»)


Greens Party (Turkish: Yeşiller Partisi) (website was a green liberal party in Turkey. Being the 57th political party of Turkey, it was established on 30 June 2008 after years of preparation since 2002.

A green party with the same name was established prior to its establishment in 1988 (its founding President was former Health Minister Celal Ertuğ (in Turkish)). The latter was closed down in 1994, and its third and last President was Aydın Ayas, who took the eco-liberal turn for the party.

Greens maintained local branches and initiatives in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Tekirdağ, and Antalya.[6] Greens were known as the Greens of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye'nin Yeşilleri, Yeşiller Partisi) prior to the founding of the party. The party held its first general congress on 6 June 2010.

In November 2012, it merged with the Equality and Democracy Party to form the Greens and the Left Party of the Future, YSGP for short. The party is one of the participants in the Peoples' Democratic Congress, a political initiative instrumental in founding the Peoples' Democratic Party in 2012. The Greens, along with feminists, left YSGP en masse in 2016, citing its lack of democratic decision making practices.

After the splitting, Yeşil Siyaset Meclisi was founded with the idea of founding a green party again one day. After 4 years of preparation, Yeşiller Partisi was founded on 21 September 2020 again with 110 founding members whom 55 of them are women and 55 of them are men.

In 2020 the Greens submitted documents to the Ministry of the Interior to register their status as a political party, so their name could be written on ballot papers. In 2021 the Greens filed a lawsuit against the ministry over the delay in providing the receipt stipulated in the Political Parties Law.[7] [8] In February 2023 the Ankara 8th Administrative Court ruled that the Interior Ministry must issue the receipt.[9]'

The party endorsed Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu for the 2023 Turkish presidential election.[10]

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