Greece at the 1908 Summer Olympics

Greece competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London, England. Greek athletes have competed in every Summer Olympic Games.

Greece at the
1908 Summer Olympics
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NOCHellenic Olympic Committee (in Greek and English)
in London
Flag bearerNikolaos Georgantas
Ranked 15th
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Medal Name Sport Event Date
  Silver Konstantinos Tsiklitiras Athletics Men's standing high jump August 23
Men's standing long jump August 20
  Silver Michalis Dorizas Athletics Men's freestyle javelin August 15
  Bronze Anastasios Metaxas[a] Shooting Men's individual trap July 11

Results by eventEdit


Greece's best results were a trio of silver medals, one by Konstantinos Tsiklitiras in each of the standing jumps and the third by Mikhail Dorizas in the freestyle javelin.

Event Place Athlete Heats Semifinals Final
Men's 100 metres Heats Georgios Skoutarides Unknown
2nd, heat 1
Did not advance
Mikhail Paskalides Unknown
4th, heat 6
Men's 200 metres Heats Mikhail Paskalides Unknown
2nd, heat 9
Did not advance
Men's 1500 metres Semi-
Stefanos Demitrios None held Unknown
4th, heat 4
Did not advance
Men's 110 metre hurdles Heats Georgios Skoutarides Unknown
2nd, heat 3
Did not advance
Men's 5 miles Georgios Koulouberdas None held Did not finish
—, semifinal 2
Did not advance
Men's marathon Georgios Koulouberdas None held Did not finish
Anastasios Koutoulakis Did not finish
Event Place Athlete Height/
Men's triple jump 10th Dimitrios Muller 13.09 metres
Men's pole vault 6th Georgios Banikas 3.50 metres
9th Stefanos Kountouriotis 3.25 metres
Men's standing high jump 2nd Konstantinos Tsiklitiras 1.55 metres
Men's standing long jump 2nd Konstantinos Tsiklitiras 3.235 metres
Men's shot put 9-25 Mikhail Dorizas Unknown
Nikolaos Georgantas Unknown
Men's discus throw 12-42 Mikhail Dorizas Unknown
Nikolaos Georgantas Unknown
Men's javelin throw 8-16 Kharalambos Zouras Unknown
Men's Greek discus 5th Mikhail Dorizas 33.34 metres
6th Nikolaos Georgantas 33.21 metres
Men's freestyle javelin 2nd Mikhail Dorizas 51.36 metres
4th Kharalambos Zouras 48.61 metres
10-33 Nikolaos Georgantas Unknown


Greece had one long-distance cyclist enter the cycling competitions in 1908. He did not finish either of his races.

Event Place Cyclist Heats Semifinals Final
Men's 20 kilometres Ioannis Santorinaios None held Did not finish
—, semifinal 5
Did not advance
Men's 100 kilometres Ioannis Santorinaios None held Did not finish
—, semifinal 2
Did not advance


Event Place Shooter Score
Men's 1000 yard free rifle 45th Alexandros Theofilakis 30
Men's team free rifle 9th Ioannis Theofilakis
Matthias Triantafyllidis
Alexandros Theofilakis
Georgios Orphanidis
Defkalion Rediadis
Frangiskos Maurommatis
Men's team military rifle 7th Ioannis Theofilakis
Frangiskos Maurommatis
Alexandros Theofilakis
Georgios Orphanidis
Matthias Triantafilladis
Deukal. Rediadis
Men's stationary target small-bore rifle 15th Georgios Orphanidis 357
Men's individual pistol 25th Frangiskos Maurommatis 419
26th Alexandros Theofilakis 409
29th Ioannis Theofilakis 406
32nd Deukal. Rediadis 397
Men's team pistol 7th Frangiskos Maurommatis
Alexandros Theofilakis
Ioannis Theofilakis
Georgios Orphanidis
Men's individual trap shooting 3rd Anastasios Metaxas[a] 57

a Anastasios Metaxas (GRE) is generally credited with a bronze medal in men's individual trap shooting; no tie-breaker was held.[1] The 1908 official report lists Metaxas as having tied with Alexander Maunder (GBR) and assigns bronze medals to each. However, Metaxas does not appear in the IOC medal database, which lists only Maunder as sole bronze medalist.[2]


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