Great Suburb Synagogue

The Great Suburb Synagogue was a synagogue at Bożnicza-Street 16 in Lviv, Ukraine.[1]

Great suburb synagogue (Lviv)
StatusDestroyed in 1941
LocationLviv, Ukraine
StyleBaroque style

History Edit

The synagogue was located on the Kraków suburb (therefore the building received the name), in the street Bożnicza, 16. After destruction of the building, the synagogue was not built up and on its place the square was arranged. The synagogue was built in 1624–1630. Long time it remained a unique stone construction in district. Support and arches in the Great Suburb Synagogue divided overlapping into practically equal nine fields. In 1798 to the prayer hall for men, two branches for women from southern and northern part were attached.

To the Great Suburb Synagogue small prayer houses were attached. They were placed in ground-floor as one-storied outhouses of synagogues:

  • The Menakrim Synagogue
  • The Zowche Cedek Synagogue
  • The Melamdim Synagogue
  • The Hajutim Hdalim Synagogue
  • The Cijerim Synagogue

It was devastated by the Nazis in 1941. It was not rebuilt after war. A commemorative plaque was erected on a neighbouring building.

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