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The Sarawak Government is an authority governing Sarawak, one of 13 states of Malaysia, based in Kuching, the state capital. The state government adheres to and is created by both the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, the supreme law of Malaysia, and the Constitution of the State of Sarawak, the supreme law of the State.

Sarawak Government
Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak
Coat of arms of Sarawak.svg
Established22 July 1963 (56 years ago) (1963-07-22)
LeaderChief Minister
Appointed byYang di-Pertua Negeri
Main organCabinet of Sarawak
Ministries11 ministries
Responsible toLegislative Assembly
Annual budgetRM 8.226 billion (2018)[1]
HeadquartersWisma Bapa Malaysia
Petra Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak
WebsiteOfficial website

The state government has only two branches: executive and legislative. Sarawak has no judiciary branch due to the federalisation of court system in Malaysia. Although Sarawak has jurisdictions towards Sharia and Native Courts (and their respective laws),[2][3] both courts are still considered a part of the state executive branch.



The state legislature consists of only a unicameral house called the State Legislative Assembly. All 82 members of the Assembly are elected from single-member districts by universal adult suffrage. The Assembly follows a multi-party system and the governing body is elected through a first-past-the-post system. The State, however, may appoint up to 6 nominated members of the Assembly based on conditions provided by the State Constitution.

The Assembly has a maximum mandate of five years by law. The Governor may dissolve the state legislature at any time and usually does so upon the advice of the Chief Minister.



Executive power is vested in the Cabinet led by the Chief Minister. The State Constitution stipulates that the Chief Minister must be a member of the State Legislative Assembly who, in the opinion of the Yang di-Pertua Negeri, commands a majority in the State Legislative Assembly. The Cabinet is chosen among members of the State Legislative Assembly and is responsible to that body. The executive branch of the government consists of the Chief Minister as the head of the government, followed by the various ministers of the Cabinet.

State departments, agencies and companiesEdit

Since 6 May 2017, Sarawak Government comprises the following ministries, which subsequently divided to departments, agencies (ticked with *) and state-owned companies (ticked with **):

Chief Minister's DepartmentEdit

Ministry of Multimedia and TelevisionEdit

  • Sarawak Broadcasting Corporation (as Sarawak Broadcasting Company)
  • Dusun Kadazan Television

Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional DevelopmentEdit

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Veterinary Services
  • Sarawak Land Development Board*
  • Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority*
  • Land Custody and Development Authority*
  • State Farmers' Organisation

Ministry of Urban Development and Natural ResourceEdit

  • Forest Department
  • Land and Survey Department
  • Natural Resources and Environment Board*
  • Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation*
  • Sarawak Biodiversity Centre*
  • Sarawak Forestry Corporation*

Ministry of International Trade and e-CommerceEdit

No department, agency or state-owned companies

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological ResearchEdit

  • Sarawak Information Technology Resources Council*
  • Sarawak State Library*
  • Sarawak Foundation*
  • CRAUN Research Sdn. Bhd.**
  • Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd.**

Ministry of Local Government and HousingEdit

  • Department of Irrigation and Drainage
  • Sewerage Services Department
  • Miri City Council*
  • Municipal Councils* (Kota Samarahan, Padawan and Sibu)
  • District Councils*
  • Housing Development Corporation*

Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports SarawakEdit

  • Museum Department
  • Sarawak Tourism Board*
  • Sarawak Sports Corporation*

Ministry of Infrastructure Development and TransportationEdit

  • Public Works Department
  • Brooke Dockyard and Engineering Works Corporation**
  • Kuching Port Authority*
  • Miri Port Authority*
  • Rajang Port Authority*
  • Sarawak Rivers Board*
  • Tanjung Manis Port Authority*

Ministry of UtilitiesEdit

  • Rural Water Supply Department
  • Kuching Water Board*
  • Sibu Water Board*
  • LAKU Management Sdn. Bhd.**
  • Sarawak Energy Bhd.**

Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneurial DevelopmentEdit

No department, agency or state-owned companies

Ministry of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood DevelopmentEdit

  • Women and Family Department
  • Social Welfare Department
  • Centre of Technical Excellence**

Non-ministerial bodiesEdit

  • State Legislative Assembly
  • State Palace
  • State Public Service Commission

Head of governmentEdit

The Chief Minister of Sarawak (Malay: Ketua Menteri Sarawak) is the indirectly elected head of government of Sarawak. He is officially appointed by the Governor, who in His Excellency's judgement is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of State Legislative Assembly. He heads the State Cabinet, whose members are appointed by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri on the advice of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister and his Cabinet shall be collectively responsible to State Legislative Assembly. The Chief Minister's Department is the body and ministry in which the Chief Minister exercises its functions and powers.


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