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Good Morning Britain (2014 TV programme)

Good Morning Britain (often abbreviated to GMB) is a breakfast programme on British television network ITV, usually broadcast on weekdays from 6.00 am to 8.30 am. The show launched on 28 April 2014 after Daybreak was cancelled. As of autumn 2017, Good Morning Britain has around 700,000 viewers daily[citation needed] (with an audience share of 20% and a peak of 1 million viewers).[citation needed]

Good Morning Britain
Good Morning Britain Logo 2017.png
GenreBreakfast television programme
Directed byErron Gordon[1]
Presented by
Theme music composer
  • Henry Gorman
  • Simon Hill
  • Rob May[2]
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
Production location(s)
Editor(s)Neil Thompson[4]
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time150 minutes (including adverts)
Production company(s)ITV Breakfast
part of (ITV Studios)
Original networkITV (ITV Breakfast)
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Original release28 April 2014 (2014-04-28) –
present (present)
Preceded byDaybreak (2010–14)
Related showsLorraine (2010–)
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The show's presenter line-up varies. The main anchors are Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, Sean Fletcher, Kate Garraway, Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard, while Alex Beresford and Laura Tobin present the weather and Richard Arnold presents entertainment news.


Good Morning Britain is broadcast Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 08:30 on ITV. The magazine-style show includes headline updates every 15 minutes via the ticker bar and regional news bulletins at around 6.30, 7.20 and 8.10. The show has a reputation for its debates, celebrity interviews and breaking news. Viewers are encouraged to engage with the show through digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter and email.


A programme of the same name aired as part of TV-am between 1983 and 1992, airing each weekday morning between 7am and 9am, along with a Saturday morning edition. John Stapleton has presented both incarnations of the programme.


Good Morning Britain launched on 28 April 2014, with four main presenters – Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher. In-depth news stories were presented, as well as shorter bulletins and headline updates. Sports news was also featured with Fletcher, and Shephard also contributed when Fletcher was unavailable. Weather bulletins are presented by Laura Tobin, with Alex Beresford standing in when Tobin is unavailable. Entertainment news is delivered by Richard Arnold.

Reid, Shephard and Hawkins all presented four days a week, with Fletcher presenting every day. When Reid was absent, Hawkins took her place. Hawkins, in turn, was substituted by Kate Garraway or Ranvir Singh when off or sitting in for Reid. John Stapleton would present in place of Shephard when the latter was unavailable.

Between 13 June and 11 July, the team reported on the 2014 FIFA World Cup with Fletcher live from Brazil with highlights and reactions. They also utilised special graphics and music adapted especially for the event.

Up until September, one of the presenting team would read a news bulletin at 09:00 for sister show Lorraine.

On 19 September, there was an extended Scottish Independence Referendum special from 06:00 until 10:00, with Reid and Shephard presenting live from Edinburgh, while Hawkins and Ranvir Singh presented from the studio in London.

On 2 December, Phillip Schofield co-hosted Good Morning Britain as part of a 24-hour TV presenting challenge for Text Santa. He also interviewed Prime Minister David Cameron live from 10 Downing Street later in the programme.


On 14 May, sister show Lorraine was broadcast from the Good Morning Britain studio due to industrial action at ITV.

On 4 August, the programme was interrupted by a fire alarm 7 minutes before the show was going to end. They were talking to Emmerdale stars Charley Webb and Anthony Quinlan who were live from West Yorkshire. The fire alarm sounded mid-interview and the studio had to be evacuated. They left viewers with a pre-recorded standby programme to fill the timeslot, followed by a pre-recorded episode of sister show Lorraine', before the programme came live on-air at 8.50am.

On 9 September, Reid presented parts of the show live from outside Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen becoming the longest reigning monarch. Garraway and Singh also presented from the studio. On 23 November, Piers Morgan[5] joined the team as a permanent presenter, following his earlier guest week. A few days later, the programme's political editor Sue Jameson left the show, to move to Australia.


The format of the show remained the same throughout 2016.

On 29 February, the programme was dedicated to the 88th Academy Awards, with specially made opening titles, theme music and graphics.

On 22 March, the show was extended to 10.30am to cover the breaking news of the Brussels bombings. Morgan and Reid presented coverage of the news shortly after the report broke out at 7.15am. The extended coverage meant that sister show Lorraine and The Jeremy Kyle Show were both cancelled, although Lorraine did start for the first 10 minutes. The following day, Reid presented coverage of the aftermath live from Brussels, whilst Morgan and Hawkins presented from the studio.

Between 28 March and 8 April, Jeremy Kyle and Mark Austin were guest presenters for the Easter break. Austin returned for a further two editions on 31 May and 1 June.

On 24 June, the show was again extended to 9.25am to cover the result of the EU Referendum, with Morgan and Reid presenting from the studio. As the result was announced, Morgan and Reid presented coverage of the outcome, as well as coverage of David Cameron's resignation.

On 22 July, Good Morning Britain broadcast a second royal edition of the programme live from inside Buckingham Palace with Garraway and Singh. They presented a majority of the programme live from inside the royal residence. Throughout the show, they broadcast a regal tour around all the state rooms, reviewing some of the prominent objects and paintings which are displayed. Laura Tobin was live from the Palace Gardens with the weather. Hawkins was in the studio with news bulletins.

On 9 November, the show was extended up until 9.25am covering the latest news and results of the US presidential election, with Reid and Morgan live in New York City, Singh in Washington D.C. and correspondents with reaction from across the United States.


On 26 January, newsreader and relief presenter Ranvir Singh was announced as the programme's new Political Editor.[6]

During the week of 10 April, Eamonn Holmes guest presented the show. He presented alongside Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins for the week.


On 26 January 2018, Shephard and Garraway presented a special edition of the programme, due to a worldwide exclusive interview with US President Donald Trump. Morgan also presented parts of the show live from Davos, Switzerland.

During the week of 26 February 2018 there were special editions of the show which focused on the major snow storm hitting the UK, with correspondents in many parts of the UK bringing the breaking news as it happened.

From 3 April, a slightly tweaked theme tune was introduced with the 2014 and 2017 theme mixed together. During the week of 9 April, Eamonn Holmes guest presented the show with Garraway and Hawkins.

The final edition of the show from The London Studios was broadcast on 13 April. Morgan and Reid returned on 16 April broadcasting live from Television Centre for the first time. Coinciding with their return, they had a new studio and opening titles.

On 18 May 2018, Garraway and Shephard presented a special edition of the programme in celebration of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. They were accompanied in the studio by Fletcher, while Hawkins and Laura Tobin presented live from Windsor. The show's usual St. Paul's Cathedral backdrop was replaced with a view of Windsor Castle and a special voice over was recorded as well as special opening titles.

During the week of 28 May to 1 June, Hawkins, Madeley, Fletcher and Singh presented the show due to the half-term break.

On 28 June, the network aired a one-off special entitled Good Evening Britain, which aired live at 9:15pm in primetime on ITV following the England vs. Belgium World Cup football match. In which the shows presenters had live reaction from the match, engaged in debates on the match and provided analysis of England's performance and the match overall. Tweaked titles, music and graphics were produced for this one off special. Guests included Danny Dyer, Pamela Anderson and Jeremy Corbyn.

On 3 September, Morgan and Reid returned from their summer break and coinciding with their return, tweaked opening graphics were introduced and the show fully returned to its original 2014 theme.

On 24 September, the show began airing in the United States, on the BritBox streaming service.[7] The version seen on BritBox, is a specially edited version featuring the highlights of that day's edition. It is available at 7:00 am ET.[8]

On 13 December, Reid presented parts of the programme live from Westminster in London, following Theresa May's survival in the no confidence vote. Shephard and Garraway presented from the studio.

On-air teamEdit

Good Morning Britain's current main presenters are Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway.



Good Morning Britain was broadcast from Studio 5 at The London Studios, the same studio where GMTV was broadcast from during its seventeen-year run. In February 2017, it was announced that The London Studios, where Good Morning Britain is filmed, would be closed for some years beginning in 2018 as ITV decided to go through with demolishing the building and having it rebuilt. It was also announced that ITV's daytime shows (Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women) would be moving to studio space at BBC Studioworks' Television Centre, previously used by the BBC before moving to New Broadcasting House in March 2013. The last programme from The London Studios was broadcast on 13 April 2018.[citation needed]


ITV's daytime shows moved to Television Centre on 16 April 2018, with Good Morning Britain using Studio TC3. This 6,390 sq ft (594 m2) studio is split in two, with half of it being used for Good Morning Britain and half for This Morning.[3] They share the same cameras and gallery.[citation needed] However in October 2018, it was announced that ITV would not be returning to the South Bank,[30] and it is thought[by whom?] that Good Morning Britain and other ITV Daytime programmes will continue to be broadcast from Television Centre.[citation needed] On 4 March 2019 the studio carpet changed from red to blue[citation needed] and the sofa is often absent in the set now.[citation needed]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Good Morning Britain was nominated for three TRIC Awards in 2015. Susanna Reid was awarded Newscaster of the Year.[31]

"Newscast Studio" named the programme's set as Best International Set of the Year 2015.[32]

Good Morning Britain was nominated in the 2016 TV Choice Awards for the Best Daytime TV Programme but failed to win.[33]

Good Morning Britain jointly won the PinkNews Broadcaster of the Year Award with Victoria Derbyshire in 2016.[34]

The programme has been nominated for Best Online Editorial Campaign in The Drum's Online Media Awards.[when?]

Good Morning Britain was nominated for the 2017 TV Choice Award for Best Daytime Show, but failed to win after being beaten by This Morning.

The programme was nominated for a National Television Award in 2018, but failed to make the shortlist. It did, however, make the shortlist in 2019.

Presenters Piers Morgan and Ben Shephard were both nominated for the Best Presenter award at the 2019 National Television Awards,[35] however both failed to make the shortlist.

In 2019, they received two BAFTA nominations for Best News Coverage for their knife crime interview and Thomas Markle exclusive interview, but failed to win.[36]

On 18 June 2019, the programme won The Golden Nymph for Best Live Breaking News at the 59th Monte-Carlo Television Festival.[37]


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