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Rede Globo (Globo Network), or simply Globo, is a Brazilian television network, launched by media mogul Roberto Marinho on April 26, 1965. It is owned by media conglomerate Grupo Globo, being by far the largest of its holdings. Globo is the second-largest commercial TV network in annual revenue worldwide behind just American Broadcasting Company[1] and the largest producer of telenovelas.[2]

Globo launches its own schedule of shows and programs annually, and launches new seasons of pilots, something only seen in Globo itself, compared with the other major television channels in Brazil (SBT, Record, Band, RedeTV!). They convey the American TV shows (SBT, Band and Record) and/or religious programs (Band and RedeTV!).

Globo has output deals with Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Studios, Marvel Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and more, having one of the largest film libraries for being shown on a TV network. As of 2013, they started to broadcast films from Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Globo is still today the highest rating television network among viewers of all ages and has the highest advertising turnout among the national TV networks.

Current programsEdit


Title As Created By Run Running time IBOPE Rating
Laços de Família (reruns) Vale a Pena Ver de Novo (Worth seeing again) Manoel Carlos September 27, 2020 – present 40 minutes
Flor do Caribe (reruns) Novela das seis (6PM telenovela) Walther Negrão August 31, 2020–present 40 minutes
Haja Coração (reruns) Novela das sete (7PM telenovela) Daniel Ortiz October 12, 2020–present 40 minutes
A Força do Querer (reruns) Novela das nove (9PM telenovela) Glória Perez September 21, 2020–present 75 minutes

On hiatusEdit

Soap operaEdit

Title As Created By Run Running time IBOPE Rating
Malhação - Toda Forma de Amar (season 27) Malhação Writers: Andréa Maltarolli & Emanuel Jacobina
Season 27: Emanuel Jacobina
April 24, 1995–present
April 16, 2019 – present
30 minutes

TV seriesEdit

Title As Run Running time IBOPE Rating
Zorra Main show of Saturday night. 2015–present 45 minutes
Escolinha do Professor Raimundo Main show of Sunday afternoon. 2015—present 40 minutes
Sob Pressão Third show of Thursday night 2017—present 45 minutes
Carcereiros Second show of Thursday night 2018—present 35 minutes
Keroro, aventura no espaço sideral sapos First show of Monday afternoon 2004-2010 50 minutes

Reality showsEdit

Title Timeslot Run Running time IBOPE Rating
Big Brother Brasil Sundays—Saturdays 2002–present 25 minutes
60 minutes
5 minutes
(2014 season)
Dança dos Famosos Sundays 2005–present 60 minutes
The Voice Brasil Tuesdays and Thursdays 2012–present 90 minutes
The Voice Kids Sundays 2016–present 90 minutes
Show dos Famosos Sundays 2017–present 60 minutes
Popstar Sundays 2017–present 75 minutes

Late nightEdit

Title Presenter Run Running time IBOPE Rating
Conversa com Bial Pedro Bial 2017–present 45–60 minutes
Lady Night Tatá Werneck 2019–present 45–60 minutes

Variety and talk showsEdit

Title Presenter Run Running time IBOPE Rating
Domingão do Faustão Fausto Silva 1989–present 180 minutes
120 minutes (in Brazilian Daylight Saving Time)
Various (in others)
Show da Virada Various yearly; 1998–present 240 minutes
Mais Você Ana Maria Braga 1999–present 80 minutes
Altas Horas Serginho Groisman 2000–present 100 minutes
Caldeirão do Huck Luciano Huck 2000–present 165 minutes
Encontro com Fátima Bernardes Fátima Bernardes 2012–present 80 minutes
É de Casa André Marques
Ana Furtado
Cissa Guimarães
Patrícia Poeta
Zeca Camargo
2015–present 180 minutes
Tamanho Família Márcio Garcia 2016–present 60 minutes
Zero1 Tiago Leifert 2016–present 15–20 minutes
Só Toca Top Ludmilla and Mumuzinho 2018–present 60 minutes

Educational, Environmental and Social serviceEdit

Project Program(s) Run Host(s)
Criança Esperança
yearly; 1986–present Dira Paes
Flávio Canto
Lázaro Ramos
Leandra Leal
Como Será? (2014–present) Globo Cidade
Globo Ciência
Globo Ecologia
Globo Educação
Sandra Annenberg
Globo Comunidade (RJ - DF - PE) - Antena Paulista - Globo Horizonte (1991–present) Ação (1999–present)
Globo Universidade (2008–present)

News and informationEdit

Title Main Hosts Run Running time IBOPE Rating Frequency
Jornal da Globo Renata Lo Prete 1967–1969; 1979–1981; 1982–present 30–45 minutes
Monday–Friday late night
Jornal Nacional William Bonner
Renata Vasconcellos
1969–present 40 minutes
25–30 minutes
Monday–Saturday primetime
Jornal Hoje Maria Júlia Coutinho 1971–present 40 minutes
Monday–Saturday daytime
Retrospectiva Glória Maria
Sandra Annenberg
1971–present 180 minutes
(2014 edition)
Annually (last Friday of the year)
Globo Repórter 1973–present 60 minutes
Friday primetime
Fantástico Poliana Abritta
Tadeu Schmidt
1973–present 120 minutes
Sunday primetime
Globo Rural Hellen Martins
Nélson Araújo
1980–present 60 minutes
Sunday morning
Plantão da Globo
When necessary
Bom Dia Brasil Chico Pinheiro
Ana Paula Araújo
1983–present 60 minutes
Monday–Friday mornings
Praça TV
1983–present 50 minutes
20–25 minutes (primetime)
Bom Dia Praça
1983–present 120 minutes
Monday–Friday mornings
Profissão Reporter Caco Barcellos 2006–present 25–30 minutes
Wednesday primetime
Hora Um da Notícia Roberto Kovalick 2014–present 120 minutes
Monday–Friday mornings



Title Main Hosts Run Running time IBOPE Rating
Esporte Espetacular Lucas Gutierrez
Bárbara Coelho
1973–1983; 1987–present 180 minutes
Globo Esporte Carol Barcellos (Satellite TV)
n/a (regional program)
1978–present 30 minutes
Auto Esporte Millena Machado 2002–present 30 minutes


Sport Coverage name Timeslot Run
Futsal Brazil national futsal team matches on Sundays
Formula One Formula 1 na Globo Saturdays and Sundays 1972–2020
Stock Car Brasil Stock Car Brasil on Sundays
Basketball Novo Basquete Brasil (All-Star Game and Final) on Sundays 2008–present
FIVB World League
FIVB World Grand Prix
Brazilian Volleyball Super League (Men and women)
Vôlei 2015 Saturdays and Sundays
Summer Olympics
Winter Olympics
Futebol na Globo
Futebol 2020
Running timeSaturday: 4PM-6PM
Sunday: 4PM-6PM
Wednesday: 09:30PM-11:30PM
Competition Run Timeslot
Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 1987–present Sunday, 4:10PM – 5:10PM (Brazilian Daylight Saving Time); Wednesday, 09:40PM
Campeonato Brasileiro Série B 2003–present Saturday, 4:10PM
Conmebol Libertadores
(if any Brazilian sides are qualified)
– March 2020 Wednesday, 21:40PM
Copa Continental do Brasil
Soccer States championships
Sunday, 4:00PM – 5:00PM (Brazilian Daylight Saving Time); Wednesday, 21:40PM


Globeleza (1990–present)
Transmission Title Presenters Timeslot Run
Rede Globo Rio Carnival Alex Escobar and Fátima Bernardes Sunday, 22:00 PM - Monday, 22:00PM 1970–present
São Paulo Carnival Chico Pinheiro and Michelle Barros Friday, 23:00 PM - Saturday, 23:00PM 1991–present
Local Rio Carnival - Série Ouro Mariana Gross and Pedro Bassan 2013–present
Galo da Madrugada n/a Saturday 2008–present

Movie blocksEdit

  • Cinema Especial (1978–present)
  • Corujão (1985–present)
  • Domingo Maior (1980–present)
  • Festival de Sucessos (1977–1996; 2008–2014; 2019, for 4 weeks in an exceptional basis)
  • Festival Nacional (1998–present)
  • Sessão de Gala (1976-2019)
  • Festival Rexona de Cinema (2019–present)
  • Cinemaço (2019–present)
  • Sessão da Tarde (1974–present)
  • Supercine (1981–present)
  • Tela Quente (1988–present)
  • Temperatura Máxima (1989–present)

International seriesEdit

Upcoming programmingEdit

Telenovelas and TV SeriesEdit

  • Fim by Fernanda Torres and Marcela Camargo (Globoplay; mid 2021)[14]
  • Nos Tempos do Imperador by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson (6pm; mid 2021)[15]
  • O Anjo de Hamburgo by Mário Teixeira (Globoplay; mid 2021)[16]
  • Quanto Mais Vida Melhor by Mauro Wilson (7pm; mid 2021)[17]
  • Um Lugar ao Sol by Lícia Manzo (9pm; mid 2021)
  • Mal Secreto by Bráulio Mantovani (Globoplay; mid 2021)[18]
  • O Jogo que Mudou a História by José Junior (Globoplay; mid 2021)[19]
  • Filhas da Eva by Adriana Falcão (Globoplay; mid 2021)[20]
  • Paraíso Perdido by George Moura and Sérgio Goldenberg (Globoplay; mid 2021)[21]
  • Onde Está Meu Coração? by George Moura and Sergio Goldenberg (Globoplay; mid 2021)[22]
  • Dragon by Tiago Rezende and Jorge Furtado (Globoplay; mid 2021)[23]
  • Minha Mãe é uma Peça by Paulo Gustavo[24] (10pm; mid 2021)
  • Cara e Coragem by Cláudia Souto (7pm; mid 2021)[25]
  • Além da Ilusão by Alessandra Poggi (6pm; mid 2021)[26]
  • Pantanal by Bruno Luperi (9pm; mid 2021)[27]
  • Malhação: Transformação by Priscila Steinman and Márcia Prates (6pm; mid 2022)[28]
  • Feira das Vaidades by Gilberto Braga (6pm; mid 2021)
  • Olho por Olho by João Emanuel Carneiro (9pm; mid 2022)[29]
  • Travessia by Glória Perez (9pm; mid 2022)[30]
  • Sorte na Vida by Ricardo Linhares and Maria Helena Nascimento[31]
  • Arroz de Palma by Bruno Luperi (6pm; mid 2023)[32]

International TV SeriesEdit



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