Getronagan Armenian High School

Getronagan is an Armenian minority high school in the Karaköy district of Istanbul, Turkey,[1] The school is attached to the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church.

Getronagan Armenian High School
Getronagan Ermeni Lisesi
Ազգային Կեդրոնական Վարժարան
PrincipalSilva Kuyumciyan
Number of students182 (2001)


Getronagan class of 1923 with Kegham Kavafyan as principal. (Nigoghos Sarafian is pictured to the left of the principal)

With the sponsorship of Archbishop Nerses Varjabetyan, Getronagan High School opened its doors on September 1, 1886. The Catholicos of All Armenians (the religious leader of all Armenians), Magar, and Harutyun Archbishop Vehabetyan, the Patriarch of Armenians in İstanbul, conducted the opening commencement.[1] Minas Cheraz became its first principal.[2]


As of 2014 Getronagan teaches both sexes. In 2001, the school had 182 students.[3] The school teaches mainly in Turkish, but it also has Armenian language and literature and religion classes. English (compulsory), French and Spanish (both optional) are taught as foreign languages.[4]

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