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State Route 219 (SR 219) is a 58.9-mile-long (94.8 km) state highway that runs south-to-north through portions of Muscogee, Harris, Troup, and Heard counties in the west-central part of the U.S. state of Georgia. It runs from Columbus north to a point southwest of Franklin.

State Route 219 marker

State Route 219
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length58.9 mi[1] (94.8 km)
Major junctions
South end US 27 / SR 1 in Columbus
  US 80 / SR 22 / SR 540 in Columbus
I-85 south of LaGrange
US 27 / US 29 in LaGrange
North end SR 34 southwest of Franklin
CountiesMuscogee, Harris, Troup, Heard
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
SR 216SR 220

Route descriptionEdit

SR 219 begins at an intersection with US 27/SR 1 (Veterans Parkway) in Columbus in Muscogee County. It heads north-northwest to SR 85 (Manchester Expressway). Then, it curves to the northwest to an intersection with US 80/SR 22 (J.R. Allen Parkway). The highway heads through the rural northwestern part of the county and enters Harris County. A short distance after entering Harris County is an intersection with SR 315 in Piney Grove. SR 219 then heads northeast to begin paralleling Interstate 185 (I-185) for a while. During that stretch is an intersection with SR 103 and SR 116. After leaving I-185, SR 219 heads north to an intersection with SR 18 on the Harris–Troup county line. In Troup County, the highway heads through rural areas to its interchange with I-85 (Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway). It heads north, and enters LaGrange, where it meets US 27/SR 1. The three highways run concurrent for approximately 0.38 miles (0.61 km), until they meet US 29/SR 109. Here, US 29 joins the concurrency. One block later, SR 219 turns left onto SR 14 (Greenville Street), while US 27/US 29/SR 1/SR 14 continue to the north on N. Morgan Street. At Main Street, Greenville Street changes to Broad Street. SR 14/SR 219 continues to the west until they reach N. Greenwood Street, where SR 219 departs to the north, while SR 14 continues to the west on Broad Street. The highway departs LaGrange to the northwest, crosses over two sections of West Point Lake, and enters Heard County. In Heard County, SR 219 continues to the northwest. It passes through rural areas, and curves to the north. It then meets its northern terminus, an intersection with SR 34, southwest of Franklin.

SR 219 is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]

Major intersectionsEdit

MuscogeeColumbus0.00.0   US 27 / SR 1 (Veterans Parkway)Southern terminus
0.81.3  SR 85 (Manchester Expressway) – Bibb City, Manchester
1.82.9    US 80 / SR 22 (J.R. Allen Parkway) / SR 540 (Fall Line Freeway) – Phenix City, Macon, AugustaUS 80/SR 22/SR 540 exit 2
HarrisPiney Grove10.116.3   SR 315 east to I-185 – Mulberry GroveWestern terminus of SR 315
20.032.2    SR 103 west / SR 116 east to I-185 – West Point, HamiltonEastern terminus of SR 103; western terminus of SR 116
county line
Jones Crossroads28.846.3    SR 18 to I-85 / I-185 – West Point, Pine Mountain
Troup37.360.0  I-85 (Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway / SR 403) – Montgomery, AtlantaI-85 exit 13
LaGrange40.465.0   US 27 south / SR 1 south (Hamilton Road)Southern end of US 27/SR 1 concurrency
40.865.7   US 29 south (Vernon Street) / SR 109 (Vernon Street / Lafayette Parkway) – West Point, GreenvilleSouthern end of US 29 concurrency
40.965.8     US 27 north / SR 1 north / US 29 north / SR 14 north (North Morgan Street)Northern end of US 27/SR 1 and US 29/SR 14 concurrencies; southern end of SR 14 Conn. concurrency
41.266.3  SR 14 Conn. south (Broad Street)Northern end of SR 14 Conn. concurrency
45.673.4West Point Lake
Heard58.994.8  SR 34 – Texas, FranklinNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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