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Georgy Mikhaylovich Grechko (Russian: Георгий Михайлович Гречко; 25 May 1931 – 8 April 2017) was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on several space flights including Soyuz 17, Soyuz 26, and Soyuz T-14.[1]

Georgy Mikhaylovich Grechko
Georgy Grechko.jpg
Grechko in 2011
Born25 May 1931
Died8 April 2017 (aged 85)
AwardsHero of the Soviet Union (2)
Space career
Time in space
134d 20h 32m
SelectionCivilian Specialist Group 3
MissionsSoyuz 17, Salyut 4 Soyuz 26, Salyut 6 EO-1, Soyuz 27, Soyuz T-14, Salyut 7 EP-5, Soyuz T-13

Grechko graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Mechanics with a doctorate in mathematics. He was a member of Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He went on to work at Sergei Korolev's design bureau and from there was selected for cosmonaut training for the Soviet Moon programme. When that program was cancelled, he went on to work on the Salyut space stations.

Grechko made the first spacewalk in an Orlan space suit on 20 December 1977 during the Salyut 6 EO-1 mission.

He was twice awarded the medal of Hero of the Soviet Union.

He resigned from the space programme in 1992 to lecture on atmospheric physics at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Grechko has written his memoirs as "Космонавт No. 34: От лучины до пришельцев," (Cosmonaut No. 34 From Splinter to Aliens) Olma Media Grupp, Moscow, 2013.

A minor planet 3148 Grechko discovered by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh in 1979 is named after him.[2]

Grechko had a brief cameo role in Richard Viktorov's 1981 film Per Aspera Ad Astra, and as a result attained pop culture status in his home city of Leningrad.[3] He also appeared in the 1979 film Under the Constellation Gemini.

Grechko, along with Alexei Leonov, Vitaly Sevastyanov, and Rusty Schweickart established the Association of Space Explorers in 1984. Membership is open to all people who have flown in outer space.

Grechko died aged 85 as a result of several chronic illnesses. He was survived by wife Lyudmila and daughter Olga.[1]

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