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Under the Constellation Gemini (Russian: Под созвездием Близнецов, romanizedPod sozvezdiyem Bliznetsov) is a 1979 Soviet science fiction film directed by Boris Ivchenko based on the short story The Guest by Igor Rosokhovatsky.[2]

Under the Constellation Gemini
Under the Constellation Gemini.jpg
Directed byBoris Ivchenko
Written byIvan Mykolaichuk
Igor Rosokhovatsky
  • Vsevolod Gavrilov
  • Nikolaevich Yavorovsky
  • Gennady Shkuratov
CinematographySergei Stasenko
Release date
October 1979 (Soviet Union)[1]
Running time
83 minutes
CountrySoviet Union



In one of the research institutes, the artificial brain Sigom, created under the guidance of Professor Yavorovsky, has disappeared. And also in the city there are strange phenomena: all the animals of the zoo are released from the cages, the books of the city information center are in disarray. And Sigom, having mastered the knowledge of science and fiction accumulated by mankind, he himself creates an artificial organism, returns to the professor and is soon sent to the constellation of Gemini.


  • Vsevolod Gavrilov - Alexander
  • Nikolaevich Yavorovsky - Academician
  • Gennady Shkuratov - Shigom
  • Boris Belov - Semyon Antonovich Tarnov, Colonel of the Militia
  • Gulcha Tashbaeva - Maria
  • Alexander Pavlov - the commander of the aircraft
  • Georgy Grechko - cameo
  • Yaroslav Gavrilyuk - security guard
  • Ivan Mykolaichuk - member of the crew of the aircraft
  • Vyacheslav Zholobov - Dyatlov, a specialist in robotics
  • Yury Rudchenko - policeman
  • Zemfira Tsakhilova - Tatiana Vladimirovna, referent


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