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Garnet Valley School District

Garnet Valley School District is a school district located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and provides educational services for Bethel Township, Concord Township and the borough of Chester Heights. Garnet Valley enrolls more than 5,000 students in grades Kindergarten through 12 in five schools.

The Garnet Valley Joint School System was formally organized on March 30, 1959. From school year '59-'60 to school year '62-'63 Garnet Valley existed as a Junior High School housed in the Old Concord Elementary School building on Bethel Road for Grades 7 through 9. Students were then sent to Media High School for Grades 10, 11, & 12. The last class sent to Media High School was the Class of 1965. The construction of the Garnet Valley High School began in May 1962, and opened on September 4, 1963.[1] The first class to graduate from Garnet Valley High School was the Class of 1966.[2]

In 2000, the Garnet Valley Middle School was selected as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education [3] In both 1999 and 2001 Garnet Valley High School received the Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Student scores on the Pennsylvania standardized tests (SATs) rank the district in the top 7% of all school districts in the state of Pennsylvania.[citation needed]

As of the 2007–2008 school year, all students attend Concord Elementary School for kindergarten. Those who live in Concord Township attend Concord Elementary (grades K–2), then go to Garnet Valley Elementary School (grades 3–5). Bethel Springs Elementary School (grades 1–5) is for students who live in Bethel Township. All students attend Garnet Valley Middle School (grades 6–8), and complete their education at Garnet Valley High School (grades 9–12).

In 2007, Garnet Valley High School football team won the PIAA District 1 Championship (AAA) for the second consecutive year and won the Eastern Pennsylvania Championships, eventually losing the state championship to Thomas Jefferson High School (AAA). The Garnet Valley football team was up leveled to AAAA in 2008. In fall 2008, 2011, and 2013 the football team won the Central League title, and won a share of the 2009 title with Ridley High School.[citation needed]


Construction HistoryEdit

Garnet Valley continues to expand.

Elementary Schools (District Offices)Edit

In September 1997, Garnet Valley Elementary School opened. In September 1999, they also completed an addition across the back of the building, which is also known as the Garnet Valley Education Center because of the district's offices being located there. In September 2002, Bethel Springs Elementary School opened. Concord Elementary School was rebuilt in a new location and opened in September 2006.

Garnet Valley Middle SchoolEdit

In September 1991, Garnet Valley Middle School opened. In September 2000 and September 2001, due to the exponential student growth throughout the school district, the middle school completed a renovation which included the expansion of the art and technology wing and cafeteria, the construction of a new gymnasium and choral room, the relocation of the front offices, and the construction of 13 general education classrooms and 2 science labs. In November 2005, due to a shortage of classrooms, the middle school opened a new wing that consists of 12 general education classrooms and 2 science labs. In October 2016, the cafeteria was renovated for the second time due to overcrowding in the old cafeteria.

Garnet Valley High SchoolEdit

In January 2003, due to the same exponential student growth throughout the school district, the high school completed phase 1 of a major renovation which included the expansion of the core facilities, the construction of a performing arts center and art wing, and the construction of a general education wing that was designed to accept a second floor. In September 2006, the high school completed phase 2 which was the construction of the second floor for the new general education wing (completed in January 2006) and a major HVAC renovation in the oldest wing in the building. The high school Stadium, named after Morris DeFrank, and weight room were also opened the same year.

Schools within the districtEdit

School Opened Grades Website Photo
Garnet Valley High School 1963 September 4 9–12 Website  
Garnet Valley Middle School 1991 September 4 6–8 Website  
Garnet Valley Elementary School 1997 September 3 3–5 Website
Bethel Springs Elementary School 2002 September 4 1–5 Website  
Concord Elementary School 2006 September 6 K–2 Website  

Former SchoolsEdit

School Opened Closed
Concord School 1949 2006
Francis Harvey Green School 1952 1991


Both Francis Harvey Green School and Concord Elementary School were leased to the Delaware County Intermediate Unit for special education, in 1991 and 2006 respectively.

Concord Elementary School was relocated to a new building on Station Road, Glen Mills in September 2006 and the old school building, on Bethel Road, was renamed Pennington School.[4] Pennington School is currently leased by the district to the Delaware County Intermediate Unit for the education of special-needs children.[5]

Francis Harvey Green School was demolished in November 2010.[6]

Superintendent HistoryEdit

  • 1964-1972 : Bennett H. Davis
  • 1972-1980 : Henry F. Hofmann
  • 1980-1987 : William Byrd
  • 1987-1991 : Vemon R. Wyland
  • 1991-2010 : Anthony V. Costello
  • 2010-2012 : Michael L. Christian
  • 2012-2012 : Anthony V. Costello (acting)
  • 2012–present : Marc Bertrando


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