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Gaekwad (also spelled as Gaikwar and Gaikwad) (Marathi: गायकवाड Gāyǎkǎvāḍǎ) is a surname native to Indian state of Maharashtra.The surname is predominantly found amongst the Maratha caste in Maharashtra. It is also found in dalit communities of Maharashtra. Thanks to Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur who encouraged Dalits to take up Maratha surnames.

The Gaikwads of Baroda who were the ruling family of Baroda (Now Vadodara), were Marathas.


The name Gaekwad is believed to be a combination of two words (Gai and Kavad). Gai means a cow and Kavad which means a small door therefore Gaekwad means Cow door.[1]

Notable peopleEdit

Notable people with the surname include:


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