G99 (in Albanian Grupim 99) is a centre-left and progressive political party in Albania created in 2008[1] by a group of activists who have previously participated in the Movement Mjaft!. Members of this party are under 29 years old and consider themselves as representatives of the youth in Albanian politics.[2]

G99 (Group 99)

G99 (Grupim 99)
LeaderErvin Mete
Social liberalism
Social democracy
Youth rights
Political positionCentre-left
European affiliationNone
International affiliationNone
ColoursRed, Black


The party was founded in the summer of 2008, by activists from Mjaft Movement! and student, unhappy because the political game and the kink in the system of governance in Albania was not any longer tolerable The Mjaft! Movement was the largest non-governmental organizations in Albania, which protest against the Albanian government and politics since 2003. Only in 2008 this group, with the participation of other students, decided that the only solution to their demands was political participation. With their first demonstration made known their plan to participate in elections in 2009, with the intention to get some seats in the Assembly and to be represented in the government. In 2009 they joined the "Union for Change" (Bashkimi per Ndryshim in Albanian) a coalition of the Left which aims to take power in upcoming elections.

Last electionsEdit

In the 2009 parliamentary elections. G-99 received 0.86% of the votes (12,989 votes).


G99 highlighted some issues which were forgotten or not reported for years. The party declared that has no political ideology such as conservatism or socialism, but only want to change the actual situation. For this it was appropriate to join the Left. Some shocking facts from the statistics on education, physical and psychological violence, the economic situation in Albania, one of the European worsened, especially after the global economic crisis. Among the numerous commination[clarification needed] were youth participation in politics.[3]

Is not simple to define the ideology of this party: it is sure that is part of the center-left and it is against all conservative ideas. This is demonstrated when they continuously criticize the government in power, bringing evidence against politicians. This youth movement proposes different politic ideas, which, according to their proclamation, must change radically. G99, since participation is only young, has played that card withdrawal youth through various activities, like rock music and meetings open to all. It was the cause to choose this young party so much faster when the G99 just came on the political scene, is that for the first time stated that the policy should be driven by a large turnout of young boy and young girls, because they are 50% of the population in Albania.

Finally, the G99 movement can be classified as a party with the ideology of progressive liberalism.

As regards the economy, they support the free capitalist economy, but they declare that the government should intervene to prevent the construction of social classes. This makes it possible that it can be considered a party to the social-liberal ideology. Yet they make no statement defending its position, only describing the party as a youth movement for changes.

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