Frederiksen II Cabinet

The Frederiksen II Cabinet (colloquially, the SVM government (Danish: SVM-regeringen) took office on 15 December 2022 and succeeded the Frederiksen I Cabinet following the 2022 Danish general election. Headed by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, it is a grand coalition consisting of the Social Democrats, Venstre, and the Moderates. It was announced on 13 December following a record 42 days of negotiations.[2][3] The government is supported by the Union Party and the Social Democratic Party from the Faroe Islands, as well as Siumut and Inuit Ataqatigiit from Greenland.[4] The Social Liberals has also said that it intends to be neither a supporting party nor part of the opposition.[1] As the government has 89 of the 179 seats in the Folketing, it effectively operates as a majority government.[5]

Second Frederiksen Cabinet
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79th Cabinet of Denmark
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Frederiksen in 2022
Date formed15 December 2022 (2022-12-15)
People and organisations
Head of stateMargrethe II of Denmark
Head of governmentMette Frederiksen
Deputy head of governmentJakob Ellemann-Jensen
No. of ministers24
Member partiesSocial Democrats
Status in legislatureMajority government
89 / 179
Supported by:
Social Liberal Party[a][1]
Union Party
Social Democratic Party
Inuit Ataqatigiit
Opposition partiesGreen Left
Denmark Democrats
Liberal Alliance
The Conservatives
Red-Green Alliance
New Right
Danish People's Party
Legislature term(s)2022–2026[b]
PredecessorFrederiksen I

It is the first time in more than 40 years the Social Democrats and the Liberals (Venstre), who are usually rivals, are in a government together.[6]

List of ministersEdit

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party Ref
Prime Minister27 June 2019Incumbent Social Democrats[7][2]
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence15 December 2022Incumbent Venstre[7]
Minister for Foreign Affairs15 December 2022Incumbent Moderates[7]
Minister for Finance27 June 2019Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Economy (acting Minister of Defence)15 December 2022Incumbent Venstre[7][8]
Minister for the Interior and Health15 December 2022Incumbent Venstre[7]
Minister for Justice15 December 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Culture15 December 2022Incumbent Moderates[7]
Minister without portfolio (acting Minister for Economy)9 March 2023Incumbent Venstre[8]
Minister for Business15 December 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy15 December 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for the Environment15 December 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Social Affairs and Housing15 December 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Employment15 December 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Children and Education15 December 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Immigration and Integration2 May 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Taxation4 February 2022Incumbent Social Democrats[7]
Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fishery15 December 2022Incumbent Venstre[7]
Minister for Church, Minister for Rural Areas, and Minister for Nordic Cooperation15 December 2022Incumbent Venstre[7]
Minister for Transport15 December 2022Incumbent Venstre[7]
Minister for Higher Education and Science15 December 2022Incumbent Moderates[7]
Minister for Digitalization and Equality15 December 2022Incumbent Venstre[7]
Minister for the Elderly15 December 2022Incumbent Moderates[7]
Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities15 December 2022Incumbent Moderates[7]


  1. ^ The party neither intends to be a supporting party nor opposition party.
  2. ^ The next election has to be held by 31 October 2026, but the government can call it prior to that date.
  3. ^ a b Not an MP when appointed.[9]


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