Minister for Gender Equality (Denmark)

The Minister for Gender Equality (Danish: Ligestillingsministeriet, literally Ministry for Equality) is a Danish ministry that works on improving equal gender rights across all other ministry areas. The first Minister for Gender Equality was appointed by the Prime Minister on 1 July 1999.

Minister for Gender Equality
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Trine Bramsen

since 4 February 2022
Member ofthe Folketing
AppointerPrime Minister
Term length4 years
Formation27 September 1999; 23 years ago (1999-09-27)
First holderJytte Andersen

Ministers of EqualityEdit

No. Portrait Name
Term Political Party Government
Took office Left office Duration
Minister for Gender Equality
(Minister for ligestilling)
1Jytte Andersen
(born 1942)
27 September 199921 December 20001 year, 85 daysSocial DemocratsPoul Nyrup Rasmussen III CabinetIV
2Lotte Bundsgaard
(born 1973)
21 December 200027 November 2001341 daysSocial DemocratsPoul Nyrup Rasmussen IV Cabinet
3Henriette Kjær
(born 1966)
27 November 20012 August 20042 years, 249 daysConservativeAnders Fogh Rasmussen I Cabinet
4Eva Kjer Hansen
(born 1964)
2 August 200412 September 20073 years, 41 daysVenstreAnders Fogh Rasmussen I CabinetII
5Eva Kjer Hansen
(born 1974)
12 September 20077 April 20091 year, 207 daysVenstreAnders Fogh Rasmussen II CabinetIII
6Inger Støjberg
(born 1973)
7 April 200923 February 2010322 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen I Cabinet
7Lykke Friis
(born 1969)
23 February 20103 October 20111 year, 222 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen I Cabinet
8Manu Sareen
(born 1967)
3 October 201128 June 20153 years, 268 daysSocial LiberalsThorning-Schmidt I CabinetII
9Ellen Trane Nørby
(born 1980)
28 June 201528 November 20161 year, 153 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen II Cabinet
Minister for Fishery, and Gender Equality
(Minister for fiskeri og ligestilling)
10Karen Ellemann
(born 1969)
28 November 20162 May 20181 year, 155 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen III Cabinet
(4)Eva Kjer Hansen
(born 1964)
2 May 201827 June 20191 year, 56 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen III Cabinet
Minister for Food, Fishery, and Gender Equality
(Minister for fødevarer, fiskeri og ligestilling)
11Mogens Jensen
(born 1963)
27 June 201918 November 20201 year, 144 daysSocial DemocratsFrederiksen Cabinet
Minister for Gender Equality
(Minister for ligestilling)
12Peter Hummelgaard Thomsen
(born 1983)
18 November 20204 February 20221 year, 78 daysSocial DemocratsFrederiksen Cabinet
13Trine Bramsen
(born 1981)
4 February 2022Incumbent235 daysSocial DemocratsFrederiksen Cabinet

Every Minister has held this title alongside another title. Jytte Andersen and Lotte Bundsgaard were also city and housing ministers. Henriette Kjær, Eva Kjer Hansen were social ministers. Karen Jespersen was also Social Minister, later welfare minister. Inger Støjberg was also employment minister and Lykke Friis was also climate minister. Manu Sareen, the first male Minister for Gender Equality, was also Church and Minister for Nordic Cooperation, and Ellen Trane Nørby is also Education minister.

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