Ministry of Higher Education and Science (Denmark)

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science (Danish: Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet) is the Danish ministry in charge of research and education above high school/upper secondary school.

The ministry building

The ministry has also been known as the "Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education", the "Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Denmark", the "Science Ministry", the "Research Ministry", and the "Ministry of Research and Technology".

Its primary purpose is to promote and coordinate the interaction between the industry and trade, centres of research and education and strengthen industry and research policies.

List of ministersEdit

No. Portrait Name
Term Political Party Government
Took office Left office Duration
Minister of Science and Technology
(Forsknings- og teknologiminister)
1Svend Bergstein
25 January 199328 January 19941 year, 3 daysCentre DemocratsPoul Nyrup Rasmussen I Cabinet
Minister of Science
2Frank Jensen
(born 1961)
27 September 199430 December 19962 years, 94 daysSocial DemocratsPoul Nyrup Rasmussen II Cabinet
3Jytte Hilden
(born 1942)
30 December 199623 March 19981 year, 83 daysSocial DemocratsPoul Nyrup Rasmussen III Cabinet
4Jan Trøjborg
23 March 199810 July 19991 year, 109 daysSocial DemocratsPoul Nyrup Rasmussen IV Cabinet
5Birte Weiss
(born 1941)
10 July 199921 December 20001 year, 164 daysSocial DemocratsPoul Nyrup Rasmussen IV Cabinet
Minister of IT and Science
(IT- og forskningsminister)
5Birte Weiss
(born 1941)
21 December 200027 November 2001341 daysSocial DemocratsPoul Nyrup Rasmussen IV Cabinet
Minister of Science, Technology and Development
(Minister for videnskab, teknologi og udvikling)
6Helge Sander
(born 1950)
27 November 200123 February 20108 years, 88 daysVenstreAnders Fogh Rasmussen I CabinetIIIII
Lars Løkke Rasmussen I Cabinet
7Charlotte Sahl-Madsen
(born 1964)
23 February 20103 October 20111 year, 222 daysConservativesLars Løkke Rasmussen I Cabinet
Minister of Higher Education and Science
(Uddannelses- og forskningsminister)
8Morten Østergaard
(born 1976)
3 October 20113 February 20142 years, 123 daysSocial LiberalsThorning-Schmidt I Cabinet
8Sofie Carsten Nielsen
(born 1975)
3 February 201428 June 20152 years, 123 daysSocial LiberalsThorning-Schmidt II Cabinet
9Esben Lunde Larsen [da]
(born 1978)
28 June 201529 February 2016246 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen II Cabinet
10Ulla Tørnæs
(born 1962)
29 February 201628 November 2016273 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen II Cabinet
11Søren Pind
(born 1969)
28 November 20162 May 20181 year, 155 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen III Cabinet
12Tommy Ahlers
(born 1975)
2 May 201827 June 20191 year, 56 daysVenstreLars Løkke Rasmussen III Cabinet
13Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen
(born 1983)
27 June 201916 August 20212 years, 50 daysSocial DemocratsFrederiksen I Cabinet
14Jesper Petersen
(born 1981)
16 August 202115 December 20221 year, 121 daysSocial DemocratsFrederiksen I Cabinet
15Christina Egelund
(born 1977)
15 December 2022Incumbent96 daysModeratesFrederiksen II Cabinet

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