Deputy Prime Minister (Denmark)

Deputy Prime Minister of Denmark (Danish: vicestatsminister) is an office sometimes held by a minister in the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark. In the absence of the Prime Minister of Denmark, the Deputy Prime Minister takes over their functions, such as chairing the Cabinet of Denmark and participating in the Council of State.[1][2]

Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Denmark
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(Office not in use)

since 27 June 2019
Government of Denmark
StyleDeputy Prime Minister
His/Her Excellency
StatusOffice not in use
Member ofCabinet
Council of State
Reports toPrime Minister
SeatChristiansborg Palace, Copenhagen
AppointerThe Monarch
on advice of the Prime Minister
Term lengthNo fixed term

The title is often an informal description sometimes used, especially by the press, for the minister who is second in the order of precedence.

Traditionally, the minister of foreign affairs holds the second rank. It is only when the order of precedence deviates from this tradition, that number two is referred to as vicestatsminister. This happens in the unusual case when the leader of the second-largest coalition party is not minister of foreign affairs. In some cases the leader of the third-largest coalition party, who is as a matter of course third in precedence, has been called 2nd deputy prime minister (Danish: 2. vicestatsminister). This tradition goes back at least to 1957.


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