Fourth Hughes ministry

The Fourth Hughes ministry (Nationalist) was the 14th ministry of the Government of Australia. It was led by the country's 7th Prime Minister, Billy Hughes. The Fourth Hughes ministry succeeded the Third Hughes ministry, which dissolved on 8 January 1918 following the resignation of Hughes as Prime Minister after a vote of no-confidence within the Nationalist Party in the wake of a failed second referendum on conscription. However, due to a lack of alternative leaders, Hughes was immediately re-commissioned as Prime Minister by Governor-General Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson. The ministry was replaced by the Fifth Hughes ministry on 3 February 1920 following the 1919 federal election. [1]

Fourth Hughes ministry
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14th Ministry of Australia
Hughes Ministry Nationalist.jpg
Group photo of the Hughes ministry
Date formed8 January 1918
Date dissolved3 February 1920
People and organisations
MonarchGeorge V
Governor-GeneralSir Ronald Munro Ferguson
Prime MinisterBilly Hughes
No. of ministers15
Member partyNationalist
Status in legislatureMajority government
Opposition partyLabor
Opposition leaderFrank Tudor
Outgoing election13 December 1919
Legislature term(s)7th
PredecessorThird Hughes ministry
SuccessorFifth Hughes ministry

Walter Massy-Greene, who died in 1952, was the last surviving member of the Fourth Hughes ministry.


Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
  Nationalist Rt Hon Billy Hughes KC

MP for Bendigo

  Rt Hon (Sir) Joseph Cook (GCMG)

MP for Parramatta

  Rt Hon Sir John Forrest GCMG

MP for Swan

  Hon Paddy Glynn KC

MP for Angas

  Hon George Pearce

Senator for Western Australia

  (Rt) Hon William Watt

MP for Balaclava

  Hon Littleton Groom

MP for Darling Downs

  Hon Jens Jensen

MP for Bass

  Hon Edward Millen

Senator for New South Wales

  Hon William Webster

MP for Gwydir

  Hon Edward Russell

Senator for Victoria

  Hon Walter Massy-Greene

MP for Richmond
(1910–1922) (in Ministry from 27 March 1918)

  Hon Alexander Poynton

MP for Grey
(1903–1922) (in Ministry from 27 March 1918)

  • Honorary Minister (from 27 March 1918)
  Hon George Wise

MP for Gippsland
(1914–1922) (in Ministry from 27 March 1918)

  • Honorary Minister (from 27 March 1918)
  Hon Richard Orchard

MP for Nepean
(1913–1919) (in Ministry from 27 March 1918)

  • Honorary Minister (from 27 March 1918 to 31 January 1919)


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