Football in Moldova

After gaining its independence from the USSR in 1992, Moldova became a member of FIFA in 1994.[1] Football is the most popular sport in Moldova.[2][3]

Football in Moldova
Governing bodyMoldovan Football Federation
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International competitions

In qualification for Euro 2004, Moldova beat Austria 1-0 and Belarus 2–1, but lost to the Netherlands 1–2.

In qualification for the World Cup in 2006, the best results were winning against Belarus 2-0 and two home draws against Scotland and Norway. They drew 2–2 against Bosnia and Herzegovina at home but surprisingly won 1–0 in the away game in the qualification for Euro 2008. In the same qualification, they beat Hungary 3-0 and also made a 1–1 draw against Turkey. In World Cup qualification for 2014, Moldova beat Montenegro on the latter's home ground by 5–2; a game that is regarded by many Moldovan supporters as the greatest football game played by the Moldovan national team.


Domestic FootballEdit

FC Sheriff Tiraspol is the most successful Moldovan football team and has won the most championships.[4][5]

League systemEdit




Moldovan National Division
8 clubs

↓↑ 1-2 clubs


Moldovan "A" Division
14 clubs

↓↑ 2 clubs


Moldovan "B" Division
24 clubs divided in 2 series of 12 clubs each

National teamEdit

The national team has limited international success and have never qualified for a European Championship or World Cup.[6][7]


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