Flamborough—Glanbrook is a federal electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 2015.

Ontario electoral district
Map of southwestern Ontario showing the location of Flamborough—Glanbrook
Federal electoral district
LegislatureHouse of Commons
David Sweet
District created2013
First contested2015
Last contested2019
District webpageprofile, map
Population (2011)[1]97,081
Electors (2015)77,774
Area (km²)[2]941
Pop. density (per km²)103.2
Census division(s)Hamilton
Census subdivision(s)Hamilton


Flamborough—Glanbrook was created by the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution and was legally defined in the 2013 representation order as the area commencing at the intersection of the easterly limit of the city with the Niagara Escarpment, westerly along said escarpment to Redhill Creek, westerly along the creek to Mountain Brow Boulevard, southerly along said boulevard to Arbour Road, southerly along said road, its intermittent production, Anchor Road and its southerly production to the intersection of Rymal Road East with Glover Road, westerly along Rymal Road East, Rymal Road West and Garner Road East to Glancaster Road, southerly along said road to the electric power transmission line situated northerly of Grassyplain Drive, westerly along said transmission line to Trinity Road, northerly along said road and Highway No. 52 North to the Canadian National Railway, easterly along said railway to Highway No. 403, northeasterly along said highway to the northerly limit of Hamilton, and then in an uneven manner to the point of commencement.[3]


Flamborough—Glanbrook came into effect upon the call of the 42nd Canadian federal election, scheduled for October 2015.[4] It was created out of parts of the electoral districts of Ancaster—Dundas—Flamborough—Westdale, Niagara West—Glanbrook and Hamilton Mountain.[5]

Members of ParliamentEdit

This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Riding created from Ancaster—Dundas—Flamborough—Westdale,
Hamilton Mountain, and Niagara West—Glanbrook
42nd  2015–2019     David Sweet Conservative
43rd  2019–present

Election resultsEdit

Graph of election results in Flamborough—Glanbrook (minor parties that never got 2% of the vote or didn't run consistently are omitted)
2019 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
Conservative David Sweet 24,527 39.2 -4.28 $113,962.62
Liberal Jennifer Stebbing 22,875 36.6 -2.54 $55,126.88
New Democratic Allison Cillis 10,322 16.5 +2.49 $12,541.49
Green Janet Errygers 3,833 6.1 +2.74 $1,506.25
People's David Tilden 982 1.6 - none listed
Total valid votes/Expense limit 62,539 100.0
Total rejected ballots 381
Turnout 62,920 70.5
Eligible voters 89,282
Conservative hold Swing -0.87
Source: Elections Canada[6][7]
2015 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
Conservative David Sweet 24,137 43.48 -11.92 $157,159.87
Liberal Jennifer Stebbing 21,728 39.14 +22.24 $37,599.55
New Democratic Mike DiLivio 7,779 14.01 -8.78 $2,280.27
Green Dave Allan Urquhart 1,866 3.36 -0.80 $2,276.63
Total valid votes/Expense limit 55,510 100.00   $213,168.27
Total rejected ballots 220 0.39
Turnout 55,730 70.67
Eligible voters 78,865
Conservative hold Swing -17.08
Source: Elections Canada[8][9]
2011 federal election redistributed results[10]
Party Vote %
  Conservative 25,143 55.40
  New Democratic 10,344 22.79
  Liberal 7,671 16.90
  Green 1,890 4.16
  Others 337 0.74


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Coordinates: 43°09′40″N 79°55′01″W / 43.161°N 79.917°W / 43.161; -79.917