Fetih II Giray

Fetih II Gerai (Girey) (Crimean II Fetih Geray 1696–1746, ٢ فتح كراى ;) was a Crimean Khan from the Giree dynasty (1736–37), son of the Crimean Khan Devlet II Geray, grandson of the Crimean Khan Selim I Gerai.


From 1731 to 1735, Prince Fetih Gerai was a noureddin. In the third reign of Kaplan I Gerai was a kalga (1735–36). Having occupied the khan’s throne, Fetikh II Gerai appointed his brothers Arslan Geray and Mahmud Gerai as kalga and nureddin.

He went on a Persian campaign, where he became famous as a man of great courage and military honor in relation to the enemy. Having gained control of the Crimea after an attack on the country of the Russian army led by Field Marshal Burkhard Minikh and the resignation of Kaplan I Geray, the following year he faced the same problem as his predecessor: the Russians moved to Crimea again under the command of Field Marshal Peter Lassi. Despite a good combat training, Fetih II Gerai, due to the fragmentation of the army, could not protect the Crimea from invasion and it was repeated on a previous scale. He was removed from the throne. He died in 1746 in the city of Vise, where he was buried near a mosque.

After two catastrophic failures of 1736 and 1737, the Ottoman government decided to return to power a man who had once proved his extraordinary abilities of the ruler - Mengli II Geray, who, after the resignation of Fetih II, was re-appointed khan.


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