List of Crimean khans

This is a list of khans of the Crimean Khanate, a state which existed in present-day southern Ukraine from 1441 until 1783. Crimean Tatars, although not a part of the Ukrainian ethnos, are deeply interconnected, having ruled a large part of modern Ukraine over the span of 300 years.

Monarchy of Crimea
Crimean Tatar tamga icon (blue and gold).svg
Trident of Giray
First monarchHacı I Giray
Last monarchŞahin Giray
ResidenceBakhchisaray Palace
Pretender(s)Pamir Giray[1]
Aleksei Guirey[1][dead link]
Meñli I Giray
Sahib II Giray

The position of Khan in Crimea was electoral and was picked by beys from four of the most noble families (also known as Qarachi beys: Argyns, Kipchaks, Shirins, and Baryns) at kurultai where the decision about a candidate was adopted.[2] The newly elected Khan was raised on a white felt sheet and over him were read Islamic prayers, after that the Khan was triumphantly enthroned.[2]


The following is the chronological table of reigns of Khans of the Crimean Khanate from the Giray dynasty:

Date of Reign Name Notes
1441–1456 Hacı I Giray[3] first reign
1456 Haydar[3]
1456–1466 Hacı I Giray[3] second reign
1466–1468 Nur Devlet[3] first reign
1468–1474 Meñli I Giray[3] first reign
1474–1475 Nur Devlet[3] second reign
1475–1476 Meñli I Giray[3] second reign
1476–1477 dynasty dismissed from power[3]
1477 Nur Devlet[3] third reign
1478–1514 Meñli I Giray[3] third reign
1514–1523 Mehmed I Giray[3]
1523–1524 Ğazı I Giray[3]
1524–1532 Saadet I Girai[3]
1532 İslâm I Giray[3]
1532–1551 Sahib I Giray[3]
1551–1577 Devlet I Giray
1577–1584 Mehmed II Giray
1584 Saadet II Giray
1584–1588 İslâm II Giray
1588–1596 Ğazı II Giray first reign
1596 Fetih I Giray
1596–1607 Ğazı II Giray second reign
1607–1608 Toqtamış Giray
1608–1610 Selâmet I Giray
1610–1623 Canibek Giray first reign
1623–1628 Mehmed III Giray
1628–1635 Canibek Giray second reign
1635–1637 İnayet Giray
1637–1641 Bahadır I Giray
1641–1644 Mehmed IV Giray first reign
1644–1654 İslâm III Giray
1654–1666 Mehmed IV Giray second reign
1666–1671 Adil Giray
1671–1678 Selim I Giray first reign
1678–1683 Murad Giray
1683–1684 Haci II Giray
1684–1691 Selim I Giray second reign
1691 Saadet III Giray
1691–1692 Safa Giray
1692–1699 Selim I Giray third reign
1699–1702 Devlet II Giray first reign
1702–1704 Selim I Giray fourth reign
1704–1707 Ğazı III Giray
1707–1708 Qaplan I Giray first reign
1709–1713 Devlet II Giray second reign
1713–1715 Qaplan I Giray second reign
1716–1717 Devlet III Giray
1717–1724 Saadet IV Giray
1724–1730 Meñli II Giray first reign
1730–1736 Qaplan I Giray third reign
1736–1737 Fetih II Giray
1737–1740 Meñli II Giray second reign
1740–1743 Selamet II Giray
1743–1748 Selim II Giray
1748–1756 Arslan Giray first reign
1756–1758 Halim Giray
1758–1764 Qırım Giray first reign
1765–1767 Selim III Giray first reign
1767 Arslan Giray second reign
1767–1768 Maqsud Giray
1768–1769 Qırım Giray second reign
1769–1770 Devlet IV Giray first reign
1770 Qaplan II Giray
1770–1771 Selim III Giray second reign
1771–1775 Sahib II Giray
1775–1777 Devlet IV Giray second reign
1777–1782 Şahin Giray first reign
1782 Bahadır II Giray
1782–1783 Şahin Giray second reign
† The reigns of Canibek Giray in 1624 and of Maqsud Giray in 1771–1772 are not listed. Though these khans were formally appointed by Ottoman sultans they did not reach the throne and did not rule Crimea. In the years mentioned, the authority in the Crimean Khanate was exercised by Mehmed III Giray and Sahib II Giray correspondingly.

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