Fanglan Mansion

The Fanglan Mansion (Chinese: 芳蘭大厝; pinyin: Fānglán Dàcuò) is a historical house in Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Fanglan Mansion
芳蘭大厝 1.JPG
General information
TypeFormer house
LocationDa'an, Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates25°00′48.0″N 121°32′52.8″E / 25.013333°N 121.548000°E / 25.013333; 121.548000Coordinates: 25°00′48.0″N 121°32′52.8″E / 25.013333°N 121.548000°E / 25.013333; 121.548000


The mansion was built in 1806 by Chen's family as their first house when they immigrated from Anxi County, Fujian.[1]


The mansion was constructed from local stones with fir wood and bricks shipped from Mainland China. A waterwheel attached to one of the exterior wall was decorated with clay moldings. The original layout of the mansion was a traditional three-sectioned structure with left and right wings. Those two wings have since collapsed and no longer exist.[2]


The mansion is accessible within walking distance east of Gongguan Station of Taipei Metro.

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