Faith And Hope League

The Faith And Hope League (FHL; Chinese: 信心希望聯盟; pinyin: Xìnxīn xīwàng liánméng) is a Christian political party in Taiwan formed in 2015. The party emerged from the fifth "Conference of National Affairs Forum of Taiwan Pastors" hold by Taiwan Christian Union.[1] The party is led by presidium, consisting of Chen Chih-hung, a pastor of Taiwan Lutheran Church; Joanna Lei, former legislator of New Party; Benson Wang, a businessman and member of Taichung Banner Church; Chung Tung-chieh, pastor of Sanmin Church, a church of the Taiwan Lutheran Church in Kaohsiung; and Chang Hsin-yi, pastor of City Spring of Life Full Gospel Church.

Faith And Hope League

Xìnxīn xīwàng liánméng
ChairmanChen Chih-hung
SecretaryJoanna Lei
Founded6 September 2015 (2015-09-06)
HeadquartersTaipei, Taiwan
IdeologyChristian democracy
Social conservatism
Political positionCenter-right
Colors   Teal and white
Legislative Yuan
0 / 113
Website[dead link]

The FHL nominated 16 candidates in the 2016 general election, 10 for Constituencies and 6 party list, but failed to gain any seats.[2]


The FHL was formed in order to oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage via its counterproposal, a referendum petition that advocated "family protection" by only allowing the husband-wife relationship, consanguinity and familial ethics, and cannot be passed without a national vote.[3]


The party was established on 6 September 2015, which is for running the proportional seats in the Legislative Yuan.


Presidium TermsEdit

Order Term Executive chairman Secretary Presidium Terms Assumed office Left office
1 1   Chen Chih-hung   Joanna Lei Chen Chih-hung(陳志宏)

Joanna Lei(雷倩)
Benson Wang(王秉森)
Chung Tung-chieh(莊東傑)
Chang Hsin-yi(張信一)

6 September 2015 Incumbent


Taiwan legislative election, 2016Edit

Election Total seats won Total votes Share of votes Outcome of election Election leader
0 / 113
206,629 1.6951% 0 seats Chen Chih-hung

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