Ezras Israel Synagogue

Ezras Izrael Synagogue, also known as the Wołyńska Shul, was a synagogue in Łódź, Poland located at ul. Wólczańska 6 Street. It was built in 1899-1904 from donations by the Jewish merchants including those expelled from Tsarist Lithuania and Belarus area. The architect was Gustaw Landau-Gutenteger. The synagogue flourished for only three decades. It was burned to the ground by the Nazis on November 11, 1939 before the Łódź Ghetto was set up.[1]

Ezras Israel Synagogue
Synagoga Ezras Izrael
Synagoga Ezras Izrael w Łodzi.jpg
AffiliationOrthodox Judaism
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusDestroyed Synagogue
LocationŁódź, Poland
Architect(s)Gustaw Landau-Gutenteger
Completed1899-1904. Destroyed in November 1939
MaterialsBricks and mortar
Synagogue before destruction
Location of the Ezras Israel Synagogue in relation to the World War II Ghetto (blue)

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Coordinates: 51°46′23″N 19°27′04″E / 51.773°N 19.451°E / 51.773; 19.451