Expedition 45

Expedition 45 was the 45th expedition to the International Space Station. Scott Kelly and Mikhail Korniyenko transferred from Expedition 44 as part of their year-long stay aboard the ISS. Expedition 45 began with the arrival of Soyuz TMA-18M at the ISS on September 11, 2015, and concluded with the departure of Soyuz TMA-17M on December 11, 2015. Kelly, Korniyenko and Sergey Volkov then transferred to the crew of Expedition 46.[1][2]

ISS Expedition 45
Mission typeISS Expedition
Space StationInternational Space Station
Began11 September 2015 (2015-09-11Z) UTC
Ended11 December 2015 (2015-12-12Z) UTC
Arrived aboardSoyuz TMA-16M
Soyuz TMA-17M
Soyuz TMA-18M
Departed aboardSoyuz TMA-17M
Soyuz TMA-18M
Crew size6 (Departed)
MembersExpedition 44/45/46:
Mikhail Korniyenko
Scott Kelly

Expedition 44/45:
Oleg Kononenko
Kimiya Yui
Kjell N. Lindgren

Expedition 45/46:
Sergey Volkov
ISS Expedition 45 Patch.png Expedition 45 crew portrait.jpg
(l-r) Scott Kelly, Sergei Wolkow, Mikhail Korniyenko, Kjell Lindgren, Oleg Kononenko and Kimiya Yui 


Position Crew
Commander   Scott Kelly, NASA
Fourth and last spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1   Mikhail Korniyenko, RSA
Second and last spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2   Oleg Kononenko, RSA
Third spaceflight
Flight Engineer 3   Kimiya Yui, JAXA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 4   Kjell N. Lindgren, NASA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 5   Sergey Volkov, RSA
Third and last spaceflight
Expedition 45 crew poster with a Star Wars theme

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