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The FIA European Touring Car Cup was an annual touring car racing event, which had been held at various locations across Europe from 2005 to 2017. Unlike in previous years where it was a one-off event, in 2010 the series was a three round event.

European Touring Car Cup
European Touring Car Cup logo.png
CategoryTouring cars
CountryEurope Europe
Inaugural season2005
Last Drivers' championCzech Republic Petr Fulín
Motorsport current event.svg Current season


It was created when the European Touring Car Championship finished at the end of 2004, being superseded by the World Touring Car Championship.

The cars that are eligible are those complying with the FIA Super 2000, Super 2000 Diesel, Super Production and Super 1600 technical regulations. The drivers must either have competed in a minimum of 50% of their own National Championships; been designated by their ASN (National Sporting Authority) and who have not taken part in the FIA WTCC with a Manufacturer’s team or belong to a country in which there is no national Championship and been designated by their ASN.[1] In 2012 the Single Make Trophy was introduced for cars such as SEAT León Supercopa and Renault Clio Cup. From the 2013 season Diesel engines and the Super Production regulations were outlawed and thus only petrol engined Super 2000 (in 2014 the older 1.6 turbocharged Super 2000 spec cars were also allowed), SEAT León Supercopa (replaced in 2015 by the new SEAT León Cup Racer) and Super 1600 cars are allowed.

Further changes were made in 2015 (with effect from the 2016 season) - the Single Make Trophy (renamed TCN-2) and Super 2000 (TC2 & TC2T) classes were merged into single category, while Super 1600 was retained as a standalone category. In January 2016 it was revealed the new branding of the series with the introduction of new logo similar to the styling of recent FIA series such as FIA World Endurance Championship. For the 2017 season the unified Super 2000 (TCN-2/TCR, TC2 and TC2-T) was renamed ETCC-1 while the Super 1600 cars were renamed ETCC-2.

The event is organised by Eurosport Events, which also organises the World Touring Car Championship and European Rally Championship. The races are occasionally broadcast live or via 30 minute highlights on Eurosport.[1]

Event formatEdit

  • Saturday: two 30-minute practice sessions; one 30-minute qualifying session
  • Sunday: one 15-minute warm-up session; two back-to-back 50 km races
  • The grid of Race 2 is determined by Race 1 results, with top-8 in reverse order[1]

In 2010 the event format will change from a one-off event to four separate events over the year.[2]

Point scoring systemEdit

In each class - Super 2000 and Super 1600 points are awarded in each of the two races in the following way:

  • 1st 10 points; 2nd 8 points; 3rd 6 points; 4th 5 points; 5th 4 points; 6th 3 points; 7th 2 points; 8th 1 point[1]


The points scored count towards the following trophies (as of 2016):[1]

  • FIA Drivers’ European Touring Car Cup Super 2000
  • FIA Drivers’ European Touring Car Cup Super 1600


Year Super 2000/TC2 Turbo/ETCC1 Super Production/TC2 Super 1600/ETCC2 Single Makes Trophy
Driver Car Driver Car Driver Car Driver Car
2005   Richard Göransson BMW 320i   Lorenzo Falessi Alfa Romeo 147 SP not held not held
2006   Ryan Sharp SEAT León   Aleksandr Lvov Honda Civic Type R not held not held
2007   Michel Nykjær SEAT León   Aleksey Basov Honda Civic Type R not held not held
2008   Michel Nykjær Chevrolet Lacetti   Fabio Fabiani BMW 320i   Ralf Martin Ford Fiesta ST not held
2009   James Thompson Honda Accord Euro R   Marcis Birkens Honda Civic Type R   Carsten Seifert Ford Fiesta ST not held
2010   James Thompson Honda Accord Euro R   Vojislav Lekic Honda Civic Type R   Carsten Seifert Ford Fiesta ST not held
2011   Fabrizio Giovanardi Honda Accord Euro R   Aleksandar Tosić Honda Civic Type R   Thomas Mühlenz Ford Fiesta ST not held
2012   Fernando Monje SEAT León   Nikolay Karamyshev Honda Civic Type R   Kevin Krammes Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V   Stian Paulsen SEAT León Supercopa
2013   Petr Fulín BMW 320si not held   Kevin Krammes Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V   Mario Dablander SEAT León Supercopa
2014   Nikolay Karamyshev Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T   Petr Fulín BMW 320si   Gilles Bruckner Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V   Dmitry Bragin SEAT León Supercopa
2015   Davit Kajaia BMW 320 TC   Michal Matějovský BMW 320si   Niklas Mackschin Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V   Dušan Borković SEAT León Cup Racer
2016   Kris Richard Honda Civic TCR not held   Niklas Mackschin Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V not held
2017   Petr Fulín SEAT León TCR not held not held not held

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