SEAT León Supercopa

The SEAT León Supercopa is a one-make racing series, organised by SEAT Sport, the motorsport division of Spanish car manufacturer SEAT. It uses a modified version of the SEAT León road car, and championships are currently run in Spain, Germany, Italy and France. Championships have previously been run in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Hungary.

The original Mk1 Cupra R model.
The current SEAT León Supercopa car.


The Supercopa originally used a car based on the Mk1 León Cupra R model. This was replaced for 2006 in Spain and Germany and 2007 in Britain by the Mk2 model.



The SEAT León Eurocup was first held from 2008 to 2010, supporting the World Touring Car Championship. It was revived in 2014, in this case supporting the International GT Open.

United KingdomEdit

SEAT introduced the championship to the UK in 2003 under the name SEAT Cupra Championship, as a support series for the British Touring Car Championship, which SEAT Sport UK would go on to enter in 2004. The series was very popular and produced future touring car winners such as Rob Huff, James Pickford and Mat Jackson. The series was ended at the end of 2008 due to SEAT UK's withdrawal from motorsport activities. Plans for an independent Supercopa Challenge to be held in the UK in 2009 were scrapped due to a lack of entries.


The Supercopa was started by SEAT Sport in Spain in 2002, ahead of the brand's move into the European Touring Car Championship for 2003. Oscar Nouges and Marc Carol have won the most championships in the series, both have driven in WTCC SUNREDs as well as the 2007 champion Jose Perez-Aircairt driving in WTCC.


The German series began in 2004 and was held until 2011. Sebastian Stahl won the first edition, beating Peter Terting, who went on to race in the World Touring Car Championship for SEAT the following year. Aston Martin Racing won in 2008 and later became a Porsche factory driver.


The Trofeo León Supercopa began in 2008 as part of the Campionato Italiano Turismo Endurance series, and is run by SEAT Motorsport Italia.


The French Supercopa was run from 2010 to 2012, organised by Oreca as part of the GT Tour, supporting the FFSA GT Championship.



The Hungarian Seat Leon Supercopa started in 2007.


Year   Europe   France   Germany   Italy   Spain   UK   Mexico   Hungary
2002   Joan Vinyes
2003   Luis Miguel Reyes   Robert Huff
2004   Sebastian Stahl   Marc Carol   James Pickford
2005   Thomas Marschall   Oscar Nogués   Tom Boardman
2006   Florian Gruber   Oscar Nogués   Mat Jackson
2007   Thomas Marschall   José Manuel Pérez-Aicart   Jonathan Adam   Norbert Kiss
2008   Oscar Nogués   Nicki Thiim   Roberto Russo   Tom Boardman   Jonathan Adam   Norbert Kiss
2009   Norbert Michelisz   Thomas Marschall   Luca Trevisol
  Matteo Zucchi
  Marc Carol   Norbert Michelisz
2010   Gábor Wéber   Julien Briche   Andreas Simonsen   Simone Iacone   Marc Carol   Miklos Kazar
2011   Gaël Castelli   Elia Erhart   Ricardo Pérez de Lara   Norbert Kiss
2012   Jimmy Antunes   Ricardo Pérez de Lara   Norbert Nagy
2013   Ricardo Pérez de Lara
2014   Pol Rosell
2015   Pol Rosell

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