Enga Veettu Penn

Enga Veettu Penn (transl. The girl of our household) is a 1965 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by Tapi Chanakya and produced by B. Nagi Reddy and Aluri Chakrapani of Vijaya Combines Productions. A remake of the company's own Telugu film Shavukaru (1950), it features an ensemble cast that consists of M. R. Radha, S. V. Subbaiah, A. V. M. Rajan, Jaishankar, K. A. Thangavelu, Nagesh, V. Nagaiah, O. A. K. Thevar and Nirmala, who became known as Vijaya Nirmala after its release. The film was released on 23 October 1965.

Enga Veettu Penn
Enga Veettu Penn poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byTapi Chanakya
Written byAluri Chakrapani
Based onShavukaru
by Aluri Chakrapani
Produced byB. Nagi Reddy
Aluri Chakrapani
StarringM. R. Radha
S. V. Subbaiah
A. V. M. Rajan
CinematographyMarcus Bartley
Edited byC. P. Jambulingam
Music byK. V. Mahadevan
Release date
  • 23 October 1965 (1965-10-23)
Running time
177 minutes[1]



Male cast[2]
Female cast[2]


Enga Veetu Penn was directed by Tapi Chanakya and produced by B. Nagi Reddy and Aluri Chakrapani of Vijaya Combines Productions.[3] It was remade from the company's own Telugu production Shavukaru (1950), and co-producer Chakrapani doubled as screenwriter, making the film more modern than the Telugu original.[2] Cinematography was handled by Marcus Bartley, editing by C. P. Jambulingam, and art direction by S. Krishna Rao and Kaladhar.[4] S. V. Ranga Rao, originally part of the cast, criticised the casting of Nirmala as the female lead, feeling she looked "too frail" to play her character, and ordered the producers to replace her. Nagi Reddy cancelled shooting for the day. The next day, Nirmala was called back to the studio, and realised that Ranga Rao was replaced by S. V. Subbaiah.[5] The final length of the film was 4,873 metres (15,988 ft).[3]


The soundtrack was composed by K. V. Mahadevan, while Kannadasan and Alangudi Somu were the lyricists.[6]

1."Deivam Malarodu Vaitha"KannadasanT. M. Soundararajan, P. Susheela 
2."Kaalagale Nillungal"KannadasanT. M. Soundararajan, P. Susheela 
3."Sirippu Pathi Azhugai Pathi"KannadasanP. B. Sreenivas 
4."Kaalgale Nillungal Kangale"KannadasanP. Susheela 
5."Iyarkkai Annai"Alangudi SomuSirkazhi Govindarajan 

Release and receptionEdit

Enga Veetu Penn was released on 23 October 1965, Diwali day.[4] Writing in Sport and Pastime, T. M. Ramachandran called it a "damp squib", saying that "the picture attempts to sustain the interest of the viewers with its heartwarming story but the audience cannot but see a ring of familiarity around the whole theme." He applauded the performances of the cast, particularly Jaishankar and Rajan, but criticised the abundance of songs, saying that "holds up the story many a time".[7] After the film's release, Nirmala prefixed Vijaya, the studio's name, to her screen name.[1]


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