Ellen Pitfield

Ellen Pitfield (died August 1912) was an English midwife, suffragette and member of Emmeline Pankhurst's Women's Social and Political Union.[1][2] Pitfield was arrested five times in relation to her suffrage activities, and was force-fed in 1909 after going on hunger strike in prison. After being released in 1909, she is reported to have said: "There are only two things that matter to me in the world: principle and liberty. For these I will fight as long as there is life in my veins. I am no longer an individual, I am an instrument."[2]

Pitfield had been given a Hunger Strike Medal 'for Valour' by WSPU.

On 18 November 1910, Penfield was injured during the police attack on women at the Black Friday protest outside the House of Commons; according to Sylvia Pankhurst, she sustained a wound on her thigh that did not heal. She was later told she had cancer and that it was incurable. As a result, wanting to be useful to the suffragette movement, she set fire in 1912 to a basket of wood shavings in a post office, broke a window, and gave herself up to the police. She was sentenced to six months in prison on 19 March 1912 after being carried to the court from the prison hospital.[3] According to Pankhurst, she was released in May, after the Men's Political Union for Women's Enfranchisement started a petition on her behalf, and was cared for at Pembroke Garden nursing home by Nurses Catherine Pine and Gertrude Townend,[4] and died three months later.[1][2]



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