Elections in Missouri are held to fill various local, state and federal seats. Special elections may be held to fill vacancies at other points in time.

In a 2020 study, Missouri was ranked as the 3rd hardest state for citizens to vote in.[1]

Voting rights and voting powers edit

Districting edit

Congressional and legislative districting is performed by legislative committee following the release of the decennial United States census.

Political parties edit

Missouri performed non-partisan voter registration prior to 2023.

Voter registration edit

Residents have been allowed to register online to vote or update their registration online since 2014, but only using mobile or touchscreen computers.[2] 17.5-year-old residents may preregister to vote.[3] Starting in 2023, an optional question on voters' party affiliation was added to voter registration forms statewide.

Absentee voting and early voting edit

Absentee ballots may only be requested with a provided excuse and by mail or fax (with a copy of acceptable photo ID) by the second Wednesday prior to an election. In-person absentee voting is allowed from the second Tuesday prior to an election, with acceptable photo ID required at early voting locations.[4]

Ballot measures edit

The General Assembly may refer a any measure, including constitutional amendments, to a ballot measure with simple majorities of both houses in a single session. Residents may initiate ballot measures, including referendums and constitutional amendments. Constitutional amendments may be initiated by a minimum number of valid signatures from the equivalent of 8% of votes cast in the last gubernatorial election from each of two-thirds of the state's congressional districts.

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