El Paso Natural Gas

El Paso Natural Gas (EPNG) is an American company with a system of natural gas pipelines that brings gas from the Permian Basin in Texas and the San Juan Basin in New Mexico and Colorado to West Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, California, and Arizona. It also exports some natural gas to Mexico.[1]

The company is owned by Kinder Morgan, Inc. Though Kinder Morgan is based in Houston, the El Paso Natural Gas company is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.[1]


Historically, EPNG's primary market was California, though the growth of competing pipelines into that market and lack of increased demand since 2001 has led to a decrease in its business there, especially in Southern California. At the same time, EPNG's shipping into Arizona has increased, largely because it was the only pipeline into the fast-growing Phoenix area until the TransWestern Phoenix Lateral came in service Q1 2009.

Its largest customers are Southern California Gas Company (a Sempra Energy subsidiary); Southwest Gas Corporation; and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.[1] Its FERC code is 33.[1]


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